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Archadeck: Your Premier Fort Wayne Porch Contractor

When you purchased your home, was it everything you had hoped for? Sometimes a person purchases their home with the knowledge that it fulfills all their needs, and others buy their property intending to make renovations. As time progresses, however, it is common for homeowners to discover that their evolving needs necessitate changes to their homes. In particular, outdoor living is a key piece of home living that often goes neglected. Having the ability to spend time outside in comfort is important for a few reasons, not the least of which is a chance to fully appreciate your property’s beauty. With the help of Archadeck, your leading Fort Wayne porch contractor, you can add versatility, beauty, and variety to daily life.

Inside your home, not much changes on a daily basis. Although a consistent home environment creates a sense of stability and comfort, sometimes a change of pace and scenery is needed to add spice to life. With the addition of an outdoor living structure like a porch from your Fort Wayne porch contractor, a change of environment lies at your fingertips every day. From relaxing after work to hosting gatherings with friends and family, you can elevate daily life to a level you hadn’t thought possible. Considering how important your home is, a discerning eye is needed to select a company that will treat your property with the respect and attention to detail it deserves. Fortunately, you don’t need to look further than Archadeck of Fort Wayne to satisfy such significant requirements.

Fort Wayne Porch Contractor

A Fort Wayne porch contractor with decades of experience

Since the 1980s, Archadeck has been constructing outdoor living structures of the highest quality, and we are still going strong. Over our many years in business, we have carefully fostered a reputation as one of the nation’s leading outdoor living brands. With branches across the country, we boast a supply and design network that is unrivaled in the industry and ensures a premium finished product. Constantly aware of all the latest building trends, material availability, and structural requirements, we take great pride in the trust our customers invest in us. And, with each project, we return that trust with outdoor living structures that are built to the highest standards. Our process is streamlined to make the build and design stages as smooth as possible, but the same can’t be said about other startups in the industry. We often see cases of builders who took advantage of their customers. From using incorrect materials to skimping on the strict structural requirements that are meant to keep you safe, amateur builders cannot be trusted to make additions to your home. Professional installations are the only way to ensure your investment will last for many years.

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Unmatched material access

As a leader in the outdoor living industry, your Fort Wayne porch contractor has access to the best materials in the market. From the finest selection of wood to a wide array of synthetic materials like TimberTech, the materials our carpenters are trained to install are built to bring you satisfaction. Stone, brick, and pavers are also on offer. Whether you want a weatherproof porch built entirely of synthetic wood, or a blended porch created using synthetic wood, organic wood, and stone, the possibilities are endless with the help of Archadeck Outdoor Living. We take your happiness seriously which is why, from top to bottom, our process is designed to bring you satisfaction and confidence that your porch or other outdoor living structure will last for many years to come. Your happiness is paramount, and we want to ensure your home has the tools to allow you to relax, decompress, and share joyful moments with those closest to you.

Best Porch Builder Fort Wayne

Custom design process

With the help of your Fort Wayne porch contractor, your dream outdoor living structure is right around the corner. We make this possible through our custom design process, which relies heavily on your input to create a product that will bring you joy. If you already have an idea of what you want your porch to look like, or have no idea, we are here to help in either case. As sometimes happens with such important projects, the possibilities can seem overwhelming at times. Don’t be worried, though. Our design consultants are here to help guide you through the design process and provide input when needed. To be certain that your porch is built to the highest standards, our design process consists of a few steps. Firstly, our design consultant listens to your preferences related to materials, structural size and shape, price range, and other key considerations like how you want to use the space. Upon confirming these details, we send a proposed design, with your approval, to the drafting office in Richmond, VA. where we translate the drawings into code-compliant structural renderings. In the final format, your proposed porch drawing turns into a functional blueprint that our carpenters will follow to create your outdoor living space! In this two-tiered format, where we incorporate your preferences into the proposal before sending the drawing off for final approval, we make sure that your porch will meet your high standards.

Fort Wayne Screened Porch Builder

Strict building standards

Without the proper safety precautions, an outdoor living structure can be a liability from both health and financial perspectives. An improperly built porch that doesn’t meet code can actually lower your home’s value, while one that meets such requirements can add value to your property. Don’t take risks – they aren’t worth it to save a few bucks. With the help of the professionals at Archadeck, you can rest assured that your porch meets all building code and design requirements.

There are few things more satisfying than seeing your custom outdoor living space come to fruition. We share this excitement with all our customers. From beginning to end, we are here to bring you a premium design and build experience you won’t find elsewhere. Trust your Fort Wayne porch contractor to make your dreams a reality.

Contact Archadeck of Fort Wayne today to connect with the best porch contractors in your area. Schedule your free, no obligation design consultation now!

Craig Whitman owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne

Craig Whitman, owner of Archadeck of Fort Wayne