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How to Lock In Your Deck and Porch Prices with Archadeck of Fort Wayne

If you are concerned about news reports of rising lumber prices, Archadeck can put your fears to rest. It’s true that building material prices have risen, and they may not have peaked yet. The good news is that when you sign a contract with Archadeck of Fort Wayne for your outdoor living project, we lock in your cost. Your price won’t go up, even if market prices rise.

Lock In Your Deck and Porch Prices with Archadeck of Fort Wayne

This is one of many ways you benefit when you select Archadeck to design and build your new deck, porch, or patio. We differ from other builders in that we don’t give you an estimate, we give you a firm quote for your project. Estimates can change, as you may have experienced. That’s not how we do business.

Lock in Your Project Cost By Signing an Archadeck Contract

When you work with Archadeck of Fort Wayne, we consider the many details specific to your project before we present you with a quote. We talk with you about the size of your new deck or any other outdoor living structure(s) you want. We go over the materials you want to use for your project. We talk about custom design details like pergolas, stair placement and built-in lighting. All of these details factor into determining the cost of your project.

Once you are pleased with the design we create for you, we can present you with a firm quote and a contract. When you sign that contract, your project cost will not increase, even if the market price of lumber (or any other materials) continues to climb. That’s right! By signing the contract, you freeze your project price.

Lock In Your Deck and Porch Prices with Archadeck of Fort Wayne

We understand the constant hype about rising lumber and building material prices has made homeowners reluctant to sign a builder’s contract. If you choose a builder who only gives you an estimate, you should be concerned. They could come back with caveats and reasons why your project will end up costing more than the estimate they originally gave you. If they “quote” you an estimate, that’s not a quote, it’s an estimate. With Archadeck, you don’t get an estimate; we give you a quote – a firm price that you lock in when you sign our contract.

Don’t be a fence sitter. Secure a spot now on Archadeck’s deck building schedule. Pronto.

You Benefit from Archadeck’s Professionalism in More Ways Than One

Locking in the cost of your outdoor project is just the beginning. Archadeck is customer-focused from your initial design consultation through project completion – and we don’t stop there. Let’s look at several more ways you benefit when you select Archadeck of Fort Wayne as your outdoor living builder: process, insurance, technical expertise and warranties.

  • The Archadeck Process

At Archadeck, we don’t take shortcuts. We are known for our attention to detail, and we use a consistent, documented process – complete with checklists – to ensure we overlook nothing.

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  • Insurance

Archadeck customers will not be exposed to financial risk if an accident happens while we’re on your property. While not all contractors carry adequate insurance, all Archadeck projects are covered by our liability insurance as well as workers compensation insurance.

  • Technical and Design Expertise

You will find that our knowledge and technical expertise run deeper than that of any one person. As part of an extensive franchise system, Archadeck of Fort Wayne has access to engineers and architectural draftsmen. Most independent building contractors don’t have access to such resources. Also, here at home, our design consultants go through system-wide training on all aspects of designing outdoor living structures. You benefit as Archadeck locations share best practices with each other.

  • Warranties and Completion Guarantee

If you want a deck that comes with a warranty, you will love working with Archadeck of Fort Wayne. Right off the bat, we provide two warranties on every project we design and build. The first is a one-year workmanship warranty and the second is a five-year structural warranty. You won’t find other builders offering these warranties! We also include a guarantee that your project will be completed according to the terms of your contract even if something happens to us. Does this sound unusual? It is.

Lock In Your Deck and Porch Prices with Archadeck of Fort Wayne

In addition, if you select TimberTech or AZEK composite or synthetic decking materials, you will benefit from Archadeck’s warranty partnership with TimberTech/AZEK. Per this agreement, Archadeck will cover labor costs on work related to claims made under TimberTech/AZEK manufacturer’s warranties. Specifically, when you work with us, their manufacturer’s 25-year product warranty on TimberTech Edge® decking now includes a 25-year Archadeck labor warranty. Likewise, their manufacturer’s 30-year product warranty on TimberTech PRO decking now includes a 30-year Archadeck labor warranty. Similarly, their manufacturer’s lifetime product warranty on TimberTech AZEK decking now includes a lifetime Archadeck labor warranty.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is northeast Indiana’s premier designer and builder of beautiful, high-quality decks and other outdoor structures. To create the perfect custom outdoor living space for your home – protected from ongoing construction material price increases – contact us to get started.

Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.

-- Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.