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The Refreshing COVID-19 Cure Awaits Your Family, Right Outside Your Door On Your New Deck

Let’s face it. The past year was one we hope we will soon forget. But here’s the good news. The drab, dark days of pandemic living are starting to melt into sun filled ones, especially for those of us who are mindful of scientific guidelines.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne

So move it outdoors, and make the most of your newfound spring and summer freedom, with innovative outdoor living ideas from Archadeck. In fact, let this Fort Wayne deck builder move your daytime and early evening leisure (and work-from-home) hours into the fresh outdoors.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne

Re-learn how to again cherish the warmth of the sun on your face, enjoying the best natural form of Vitamin C, while catching an occasional unexpected breeze or two. Ah … can’t you just feel it?

Archadeck of Fort Wayne

With custom crafted outdoor living spaces designed and built by Archadeck, Fort Wayne families will once again discover how to live again surrounded by the beauty that only nature can bring.

Glimpses of robins feathering their nests and feeding their young. The colorful, flirtatious dancing of hummingbirds. And lest we forget, Mother Nature’s evolutionary gift of delicate butterflies, playfully scattered among the shrubs and flowers surrounding your new deck.

Your Fort Wayne outdoor living specialist will customize an incredible variety of stunning outdoor sanctuaries to meet the needs and wants of your growing family, with multifunctional decks being at the very top of the most desired lists.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne

Our local deck building and patio construction design consultant can recommend the kind of alfresco environments you are most likely to enjoy based on your goals for outdoor living.

Archadeck of Fort WayneI’m basically a couch potato,” you say. No problem. Take your technology outside with you. Even your television. Today’s outdoor televisions are deliberately designed to deliver awesome picture quality, no matter what the weather is like. Not only do they provide you with the ability to binge your favorite shows in bright sunlight, but they are also built to withstand outdoor temperature fluctuations — even rain and snow.

Your Archadeck outdoor living home transition team will stimulate your imagination with incredible designs for your optimum enjoyment. Take a stone feature wall, for example, that has a cascading water feature below — a double visual and sensory treat — day or evening.

For those of us wishing for a more luxe oasis from the drudge of being stuck indoors, how about a spa deck, surrounded with colorful, fragrant plants, like lilacs and roses? It’s as close to paradise as one can get, especially at twilight when the daytime aromas blend with the cooler evening air.

And if alfresco dining is your thing, imagine walking directly from your kitchen or dining room onto your deck and pergola to enjoy cocktails and dinner, which of course you will now want to prepare in your new outdoor kitchen.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne

Today’s outdoor kitchens are becoming more extraordinary than the “kitchens of your dreams” on the home makeover shows with stunning travertine mosaic floors, accented by stone counters that house multiple burner stoves and dual outdoor sinks. For those of us who relish the smoky, tangy aromatics of grilling, your outdoor kitchen design consultant will share a wealth of outdoor cooking options you will enjoy.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne

And for fans of slow indoor crockpot cooking, refocus that laid back culinary skill onto a smoker or Green Egg, when you can do whatever you wish on your new deck while dinner virtually takes care itself.

Whatever the reason – for a multitude of seasons – contact Archadeck of Fort Wayne, your local outdoor living specialist, today.

Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.