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At Archadeck of Fort Wayne, we know you’ll get an over-abundance of links when you enter a phrase like “patio company near me.” Sometimes the sheer number of search results returned on a phrase like that can be overwhelming or off-putting. You’ll see information about companies who sell do-it-yourself patio kits, for example. If you want professional-quality patio design and installation, then do-it-yourself kits are not what you’re searching for.


While you’re capable of sifting through the flood of information that arises from your search, who has time for that? Simply calling half a dozen patio companies can be time-consuming, and you need to vet them before calling, which takes time, too.

Better Ways to Find Qualified “patio contractors near me”

First, it’s important to consider the entire scope of your patio project, because it will involve more than just “installing” a patio. Unless, of course, all you truly want is a plain, concrete pad. Today’s Fort Wayne homeowner is looking for a lot more in a new patio! You want a patio that’s as beautiful and inviting as the patios you see pictured in magazines or on Pinterest. You want an outdoor living space that beckons you outside when you need to relax and unwind. Relaxing, grilling, dining—your patio can provide the ideal setting for these activities and more … such as entertaining friends and celebrating life’s milestones.


In addition to—or, instead of—running an internet search for “patio installers near me,” ask around. Have any of your family, friends or neighbors added a patio in the past year or two? How satisfied were they with the company they used? If they weren’t completely satisfied, then at least you know what company not to call. The last thing you want is a patio that isn’t designed and built properly, because those tend to crack, become uneven or hold water.

Custom backyard patio with lounge chairs

When you have some good referrals in hand, take a careful look at the websites for those companies. Compare them to the wealth of information and design samples you’ll find on our website. We’ve been designing and building beautiful patios for a long time. Whether you’re interested in a high-quality paver patio, stain-and-stamp concrete or a patio as part of a larger hardscape project, your search could end with Archadeck.

What to Look For When Asking, “who builds patios near me?”

First, be aware that the “near me” component of your search isn’t as helpful as you might think. By focusing on location instead of quality patio design, you can miss a lot. The best Fort Wayne patio companies will come to you, so there’s no need to worry about our location. In order to provide an accurate quote for your new patio project, we’ll need to visit your property to gather the necessary information. Not only will we need to measure the site and see how much grading will be required, we’ll need to evaluate your soil composition, too.

Couple enjoying relax time

What you want to look for in a patio company is the ability to design a beautiful, high-quality patio that meets your needs. Design expertise, high professional standards and a focus on customer service—these are the qualities that set Archadeck of Fort Wayne apart. And if you think our name means we only build decks, think again! We are your best local resource for deluxe outdoor living structures including patios with outdoor kitchens, pergolas and fire features.

What to Look For in a Fort Wayne Patio Design Company

The design aspect of your Fort Wayne patio is extremely important for structural and aesthetic reasons. A well-designed patio will provide you with an outdoor space to enjoy for many years. A patio that isn’t designed well can only lead to headaches, if not heartache, starting with unexpected cracks, pavers settling unevenly and worse—poor drainage.

Custom patio design
— We design and build permeable paver patios, too!

Are you looking for “custom patio companies near me”? Every patio we build is custom-designed for one client and one home. Part of Archadeck’s design process is to thoroughly understand what you’re looking for in a patio. Beyond what type of materials you prefer, we want to understand how you want to use your patio. Only then can we design and build the custom patio that’s perfect for your home.

Finding location

Will you pair your paver patio with an outdoor kitchen that features matching hardscapes? Seating walls and a fire pit or outdoor fireplace? A refrigerator and bar so you’ll always have refreshments nearby? At Archadeck of Fort Wayne, we most often design our paver patios and hardscapes with Belgard products. We like Belgard’s quality and durability as well as the variety of styles they offer. We also create beautiful stain and stamp concrete patios.

Read more: Here is a project that combines the beauty of a stain and stamp patio surface with Belgard block hardscapes: Beautiful New Haven Patio, Pergola & Grill Station by Archadeck of Fort Wayne.

If you are ready to explore adding the patio of your dreams, start a conversation with us today! You can reach us at (855) 931-4746.

Company owner
— Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.