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What Kind of Fort Wayne Outdoor Room Do YOU Need?

Are you spending more time at home—and noticing all the pollen and bugs outside? If seasonal irritants are keeping you indoors, it’s likely you need a screened porch or another form of protected outdoor space. Fortunately, Archadeck of Fort Wayne is here for you. Let us help you determine which type of outdoor living structure would best meet your needs so you can fully enjoy the outdoors at home.

Family playing board game

You may not need a protected outdoor space on perfect spring days when the sun is warm and the mosquitoes haven’t arrived. What about the other days? Mother Nature brings us many more days each year that are either too hot, too cold, or too buggy to enjoy outdoors. Unless …

Archadeck of Fort Wayne cannot tip the scales and deliver more perfect days to your home. We can, however, design and build a protected space at your home for you to enjoy. Considering our range of outdoor living spaces offering you protection from less-than-ideal temperatures and pesky insects, one of these is sure to answer your needs:

  • Screened porch
  • 3 season room
  • 4 season room
  • EZE BREEZE porch
  • Sunroom

Some of these outdoor living spaces go by more than one name, so we’re not going to get hung up on the terminology. All you need to do is tell us what you want in an outdoor room, and we’ll design it and build it for you. We’ll agree with whatever you would like to call it. What’s important is that it increases your enjoyment of the outdoors at your home.

7 ways you know you truly need a protected outdoor space

  • Do mosquitoes always find you? If you are their favorite meal, you simply cannot hide. A northeastern Indiana screened porch —or any of the outdoor rooms listed above—will offer the ultimate protection from those hungry pests.

Screened porch with ceiling fan

  • Does pollen season make you miserable, without fail? If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you need more than a screened porch. You need a room with windows you can close when pollen is on the loose. Any outdoor room from a 3-season room to a sunroom will keep you safe. The advantage of a 3-season room or EZE BREEZE porch is that when the pollen is over, you can throw open the windows and enjoy the breezes flowing through the screens.

Cozy custom screened porch with outdoor fireplace

  • Is the sun your worst enemy? If you’re more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays than some folks are, we’ll never tell you to grin and bear it. You owe your skin the promise of shade, no matter the season. For this, any protected outdoor space will serve you well, from screened porch to sunroom and everything in between. How will you decide? We’ll help you! That’s what our design consultation is for.

Custom screened porch with dock view

  • Are you a drawn to great views of the outdoors? If you find yourself twisting your neck to get a better view through the nearest window, you need more windows! A sunroom delivers great views plus year-round comfort because it’s heated and cooled like your home’s other interior rooms. Most sunrooms have maximum windows relative to wall space. We can, however, design any of our other outdoor room types with a maximum ratio of windows and screens to solid wall space.

Custom Eze breeze room with backyard view

  • Are you tired of sweeping pollen and leaves from your deck? An EZE BREEZE porch is perfect for homeowners who want the option of opening windows for the breeze or closing them against debris. A screened porch will keep out the leaves and flower petals as they drop and blow about, but it won’t help you defeat pollen. If you want to banish pollen forever and conquer the slightest possibility of debris, you’ll want to add a 4-season room or a sunroom.
  • Do you see visions of a porch swing when you close your eyes? For that, you’re going to need a porch! A screened porch will give you shade, the breeze, and a ceiling from which to hang a porch swing. For some homeowners, that’s a trifecta!
  • Do you truly enjoy the scent of rain? If you’re someone who delights in the heavy air and earthy scent of a rainy day, a sunroom won’t do. You need a protected space, but not that protected. A screened porch, 3-season room or EZE BREEZE porch will shelter you from rain while allowing you to immerse your senses in its scents, sights and sounds.

Thinking of converting a deck or porch into a screened porch or outdoor room?

Sometimes this conversion is possible, and sometimes not. We’ll have to evaluate your current outdoor space before we can give you an answer. If you’re starting with a deck, you need to know that most decks are not built to support the weight of a roof. If your current outdoor living space meets the structural criteria to support a conversion, Archadeck of Fort Wayne is the company you want handling that job.

Custom screened porch with dining area and fireplace

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is northeast Indiana’s premier designer and builder of beautiful, high-quality outdoor living spaces. If you are interested in adding a protected outdoor space such as a screened porch, sunroom or something in between, call us today at (855) 931-4746.

Company owner
— Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.