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A New Low-Maintenance Deck May be More Affordable Than You Realize

Fort Wayne homeowners: If you’ve always heard composite decking is much more expensive than wood, and that alone has put you off, let’s bust through that myth.

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So many homeowners have been told composite and synthetic decking is just too expensive, and that is not always true. If the term low maintenance decking has you salivating, we have some good news for you. Your dream of a low-maintenance composite deck may not be out of reach.

Many folks don’t realize there are more than a dozen “wood alternative” decking products on the market now. Not more than a dozen brands, but products. You see, some brands offer several product lines at different price points. TimberTech, for example, has three primary lines of decking boards, and these are further broken down into “collections.” That’s what we want to bring to your attention today. Archadeck of Fort Wayne is on a mission to become your low-maintenance deck builder. Read on!

From Wood Maintenance Nightmare to Low Maintenance Dream

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Wood deck maintenance chores can seem daunting. After a few years of cleaning and sanding, staining or sealing, you realize the full impact of your multi-year commitment to do this work. Not only does the deck surface need this level of attention, so do the railings and steps. (Any horizontal wood surface outdoors, uncovered, will take the brunt of weather and UV rays.) As a result, many homeowners have replaced a wood deck with a low-maintenance composite or synthetic deck. Many others dream of owning a low-maintenance deck but are deterred by the thought of higher costs. What if they’re wrong?

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A note for those who love the look and feel of a deck built with wood: For you, composite and synthetic decking hold no appeal, regardless of price point. Some don’t mind wood deck maintenance, and yes, some actually enjoy the tasks in a zen sort of way. Many who can afford to hire deck-maintenance companies gladly do so. If you love a wood deck and would consider nothing else, Archadeck of Fort Wayne is here for you, too. We would love to meet with you and talk about several kinds of wood for decking, including pressure-treated pine, cedar, and exotic hardwoods.

For those interesting in learning about affordable composite decking choices, we suggest taking a look at TimberTech EDGE. This is the most affordable of TimberTech’s three lines of decking products. Whether you’re replacing your old wood deck or adding a deck to your home for the first time, TimberTech EDGE may be your low-maintenance solution. You might not need to give up on that low maintenance dream after all!

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TimberTech EDGE Gets It Right

TimberTech EDGE is an attractive, durable, and reliable deck material. Because it’s more affordable than most composite decking, we see it as a go-to option for homeowners avoiding wood maintenance and deterred by the high price of synthetic decking. It’s not much more expensive than pressure-treated pine, and with a 25-year warranty it will look great and perform longer. When you factor in the cost of wood maintenance, you’ll probably save money with TimberTech EDGE in the long run. If you’ve been on the fence about composite decking, this may be the information you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s look at the industry terminology for a moment. Synthetic decking is solid PVC and the most expensive decking material. Composite decking has a core of wood fiber and recycled plastic. Four-sided capped composite has a synthetic outer surface covering all four sides. The more affordable option is 3-sided capped composite like TimberTech EDGE. With all but the underside capped with a synthetic material, these boards present a durable, scratch-resistant surface. Three-sided capping prevents moisture from penetrating and damaging the boards, repels stains, and keeps the color from fading. That’s why TimberTech EDGE comes with a 25-year fade-and-stain warranty. Made with a high percentage of recycled materials, these decking boards are considered eco-friendly.

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One Caution: Low Maintenance Doesn’t Mean No Maintenance

Capped composite decking comes with cleaning tips. When you follow the manufacturer’s suggestions, you’ll get the maximum number of years out of your composite deck. For example, while you can usually clean a composite deck by hosing it off, periodically you should wash it with an ordinary household cleaner.

When you schedule a free design consultation with Archadeck of Fort Wayne, we will actually work through the design process and give you a quote, not an estimate, before you make a commitment to work with us. Our process is thorough and transparent, and our clients have always appreciated the Archadeck approach.

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is northeastern Indiana’s premier designer and provider of outdoor living spaces. We would love to design and build your new deck, whether wood, synthetic or composite – whether you’re seeking the most affordable option or top of the line materials. Call us today at (855) 931-4746 to get started!

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— Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.