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What is the cheapest patio to install?

When searching for patio installers you may ask what is the cheapest patio to install?

The simple answer to what is the cheapest patio to install is typically a gravel patio. Now, considering that gravel is not a stable and comfortable surface, Chicagoland homeowners typically compare concrete vs paver patios. Although, Archadeck does not install concrete patios, we are transparent in saying that concrete is typically a more economical choice of patio. We stay away from concrete patios, as they can’t be warranted like a paver patio. If your concrete cracks due to the ground settling or weather changes, these repairs can be quite costly and time-consuming compared to simply repairing a single paver stone. Of course, the price of your patio depends on a multitude of factors like size, shape, material, design, etc. It’s important to research and talk with patio installers before selecting which type of patio is right for you.

Should I lay my patio myself?

If you’re asking yourself whether or not you should lay your patio yourself, think again. While it may seem like a cost-effective method, there are several factors to consider before making your decision. First and foremost, long-lasting patio installation requires careful planning, measuring, and leveling. That not only takes up your time but if you don’t have the necessary tools, those costs can add up quickly, making your project more time and cost-consuming than you expected. The time commitment alone is a huge factor to consider as without previous experience or proper materials, the job may take longer than expected. Laying a patio yourself is totally up to you, but it’s important to consider speaking with a professional firs​​​​​​t.

Archadeck of Chicagoland, the preferred patio installers

Are you considering installing a patio? If so, you won’t be disappointed when choosing Archadeck as the patio installers for you. With years of experience creating beautiful patios all around the Chicagoland suburbs, you’re guaranteed a patio design that’s both functional and beautiful. Archadeck professional crews are effective and efficient when it comes to patio installation, and we focus on building your patio correctly the first time so you won’t have to rebuild it in a couple of years.


High Quality Patio Designs

As a partner of Belgard building products we want our clients to have the best pavers available. Not only does Belgard have a wide variety of paver styles, collections, and colors, but their customer service is top notch making them a vendor we can trust. Archadeck works with you to create a design that fits your unique style and preferences. We pair high quality materials with expert installation to ensure that your patio not only looks incredible but lasts a lifetime. We take pride in our workmanship and stand behind our installation with warranties to protect your patio.


Searching for patio installation near me?

Don’t trust your Chicagoland patio installation with just any patio installer. Archadeck of Chicagoland works with you to create a detailed design to ensure a long-lasting and expert build. With over 30 years of experience installing patios around the Chicagoland area, entrust Archadeck as your patio installers. Call 847-496-4333 to schedule your complimentary patio design consultation.