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TimberTech reviews for your Chicagoland area composite deck

Custom silver maple deck
TimberTech Silver Maple deck in Winfield IL

If you’re getting ready to add a low-maintenance deck to your Chicagoland-area home, you are wise to do your due diligence. Your due diligence should include not only the builder but also the materials that make up a significant portion of the cost. If you are reading this blog, you have likely chosen to or are strongly considering using low-maintenance decking for your new deck or porch. That is a wise choice. By their nature, natural materials begin to weather, age, and show signs of that aging from about the moment you install them. If you choose natural wood for your decking, it will begin to expand, contract, and change color shortly after being installed. There is nothing you can do to prevent natural materials from the effects of being used outside. Significant temperature fluctuations coupled with precipitation and direct sunlight will cause wood to expand, contract, and sometimes twist and cup. Direct sunlight will also weather the color of wood to a gray color.

Custom tigerwood deck
TimberTech Legacy deck in Tigerwood in Downer’s Grove IL

Because low-maintenance composites maintain their shape, look, color, and surface, they are a great option if you want your newly installed deck to continue to look exactly like it did when it was newly installed. The decking you see in the pictures featured on this page will still have the same color with the same attractive streaking and texturing in 10 or 20 years. If you selected a particular color to match or complement your home, that color will be maintained. If you select furniture to match or complement your decking, it will still match the decking for many years to come.

Custom composite harvest brown

Due diligence on TimberTech, AZEK, Trex, or other composite woods

Doing due diligence on composite decking brands should start with reading about the manufacturer’s warranties. This information is easily found on the manufacturer’s websites. It’s important to note that there are building standards that must be met to ensure the manufacturer’s warranties are honored. With composite decking, this includes ensuring that the joist spacing does not exceed a particular and exact distance. This is why it’s important to work with a reputable deck builder that is experienced in working with the standards set forth by the various manufacturers.

It is also good to check references and read reviews. It’s difficult to find a collection of reviews for a particular material. You will more easily find reviews for the builder. A reputable builder will provide references to their customers who have used the particular material you are considering. They will also point you to reviews for jobs including the material you are considering.

At Archadeck of Chicagoland, you will find hundreds of online reviews published on various review sites including Angie’s List, Houzz, Google, or you can read reviews on our website

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