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Have Your Room and Patio Too (or Deck)!

With only a brief amount of time left to enjoy summer, you may be thinking about how you can still enjoy the outdoors as we approach the end of the warm season. Have you ever considered a combined project, such as a screened porch or sunroom with a deck or patio? Joining an outdoor area with an enclosed space offers many benefits during the transition of seasons and allows you to enjoy your space throughout the year!

Having a combination project is especially be beneficial when changing from late summer to early fall. Having a deck or paver patio can be useful during warmer afternoons for grilling or dining, while a sunroom or screened porch can be beneficial on chilly fall evenings or cool mornings to curl up with a warm cup of tea. How do you know if a combined space is something your backyard needs?

One of the first questions our design consultants ask our clients is “how do you plan to use the space?” This answer will always differ from person to person. Many times we find out our clients want to use their space for multiple activities. For instance, some clients want one area for grilling and a separate, enclosed area for seating and gathering family and friends. Sometimes our clients want a large outdoor area for entertaining along with a smaller, covered space for lounging and relaxing. Others simply want an uncovered area to enjoy warm, sunny days, as well as a cozy enclosed space to enjoy on chilly or rainy days. Sound like something you may need? Having separate spaces for different activities increases the function of your design and expands your living space for multiple uses.

Below are some examples of our room projects in combination with other spaces such as decks or patios.

Custom screened porch and patio combination

This combined screened porch and Belgard paver patio create plenty of room for the homeowners to enjoy grilling on sunny afternoons as well as an enclosed area for shade or bug protection.

Custom deck and screened porch combination

This outdoor living space creates the best of both worlds; a spacious Timber Tech low maintenance deck and Belgard paver patio to appreciate the outdoors as well as a screened porch to bring the outdoors in! The spacious deck with a patio is ideal for large parties and family gatherings, while the screened porch makes for a cozy indoor retreat to enjoy as the weather cools down.

Custom screened porch and deck combination

This wood deck with a screened porch defines different areas for different activities. The deck can be used for grilling and lounging in the sun, while the screened porch is ideal for staying dry and warm and for the protection of outdoor elements, such as rain and snow.

If you’re looking for a combined outdoor living space to enjoy year-round, we’d love to hear from you. Sign up for your Complimentary Design Consultation or call us at (847) 250-4100.

See you in the backyard!