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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Covered Deck?

Looking for covered deck builders, who can offer a minimum cost to build a covered deck in the Charlotte area?

It’s true that different types of outdoor structures in different areas can vary greatly in cost. The fact holds true for similar structures too. You see, there are two types of covered decks that we build at Archadeck of Charlotte – similar in form and function, but not exact. Following, is our minimum cost structure as of the date of this writing.

Charlotte deck builders offer insight into the cost to build a covered deck.

In the spirit of transparency, Archadeck of Charlotte offers our minimum cost to build the two types of covered decks we design and construct across the Charlotte Metro area.

  • Pergola covered deck cost: Starting at $21,000
  • Roof covered deck cost: Starting at $40,000

Which type of covered deck is right for me?

When considering whether to build a deck with a roof versus a deck with a pergola, it’s important to consider both the aesthetic and functional advantages. A covered deck provides protection from the elements, offers shade, and can typically be enjoyed year-round. Adding a pergola to your deck creates partial shade, offers more natural light, and some protection from leaves or other falling debris. Both a roof and a pergola offer height to your space creating dimension and a place to hang décor like plants, lights, or signage. Ultimately, the choice between a covered deck or a pergola deck depends on your personal preference and budget.

Search for deck builders Charlotte NC and choose Archadeck to build your covered deck!

Archadeck of Charlotte has been a covered deck builder since 1988. We serve the Charlotte metro area, including South Carolina, and we are ready to help you decide on the perfect covered deck for your home, lifestyle, and budget. Call (704) 850-6104 for your complimentary covered deck design consultation today.

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