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What Are the Differences Between 3 and 4 Season Rooms?

Folks outside of the building industry often use the terms “three season room,” “four season room,” and “sunroom” synonymously. Do you know the difference in these season rooms?

Though three-season and four-season rooms are very similar, there are some differences, which set each apart from the other. The same goes for four-season rooms and sunrooms. So, what are the differences between 3 and 4 season rooms and sunrooms at Archadeck of Charlotte ?

sun porch with black and red furniture
What is the difference in 3 and 4 season rooms?

What Is a 3-Season Room?

By definition, a three-season room can be any enclosed outdoor living space, which can be used for at least part of three seasons each year. In Charlotte, a 3-season room can be a simple screened porch with an outdoor fireplace, or a VersaPorch outdoor room design, which includes adjustable vinyl windows. Even if your VersaPorch does not include a fireplace, it can still be utilized easily in at least part of three seasons each year, as in cool weather, the closed windows will capture warming sunlight. You might get minimal use of a 3-season room on warm winter days in the Charlotte area, but they are not typically usable in really cold temperatures.

3 season room with high ceiling
VersaPorch 3-season room

What Is a 4-Season Room?

Like a three-season room, a four-season room denotes an outdoor room, which can be utilized part of all four seasons. Typically, a four-season room is a space, which is also enclosed with windows, but has a fireplace or other heat source for additional wintertime use. A four-season room, also known as a sun porch, is often called a sunroom, but there is a slight difference in a four-season room and a sunroom.

4 season room with windows and built in fireplace
Beautiful four-season room with windows and fireplace

What Is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a room that captures sunlight all year long, including winter, and may be used ANY day of the year. But there’s even more that distinguishes a sunroom from a four-season room. At Archadeck of Charlotte, a sunroom is a home addition. This means that even though it is built to quell an outdoor living thirst, it is an indoor-outdoor space – an interior room, which gives you the feeling of being outdoors. Sunrooms have framed walls with insulation, just like the other rooms inside your home. Sunrooms also have HVAC accommodations, which will keep them temperate even when the weather outside is frightful. Sunrooms can have indoor furnishings, as they are fully protected from the elements in a space that is climate-controlled. A sunroom might have a separate HVAC unit, or have the home’s HVAC extended therein.

Sunroom with green couch and TV
Charlotte area sunroom

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