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Looking for a Unique Porch Ceiling Design?

Archadeck of Charlotte porches are designed with function and style in mind. If you are considering building a new porch for your Charlotte area home, have you considered your ideal porch ceiling?

No matter your design tastes or the required roofline of your porch, Archadeck of Charlotte can create a porch ceiling design with form and function that will set your outdoor living space apart. From rustic chic to casual elegance, or anything in between, we can design a custom ceiling that will make your porch a designer standout and give you a more usable space.

Cathedral porch ceiling with tongue and groove finishcathedral tongue and groove porch ceiling

Porch Ceiling Design Inspiration

If your home does not allow for a full gable roof, Archadeck of Charlotte can offer a solution with a custom roof design. This porch has a shed roof, which can sometimes detract from the amount of natural light that flows into the porch. To allay this issue, we designed a gable inset for the shed roof, which helped the homeowners achieve better light flow, and gave us an opportunity to craft a beautiful custom ceiling. We finished the ceiling with a richly-stained wood tongue and groove application, painting the center beam and trim to match the screened porch framing. The dual-tone effect is striking, and the addition of the gable inset allowed these homeowners to choose a darker colored ceiling finish than they might have otherwise.

Gable inset roof with tongue and groove, dual-tone ceilinggable inset with two done porch ceiling

This screened porch was attached to an area of the home, which had a sloping roofline. To obtain a full gable porch roof design, we attached our porch roof to their slanting roof, and covered that area with the same tongue and groove wood finish. Tongue and groove ceilings are often chosen when a rustic aesthetic is the desired result, but it also allows us to run electrical wiring behind, for mounting recessed lighting, ceiling fans, or decorative chandeliers like you see here.

Screened porch with rustic wood ceiling finishtongue and groove porch ceiling design

Archadeck of Charlotte designed and built the porch below with an extra-tall gable roof, which offers a dramatically-tall cathedral porch ceiling. This Eze-Breeze porch features adjustable windows for use in every season. The tall gable features fixed windows, which will allow the sun to warm up the space nicely in cool weather. This porch also features a tongue and groove finish, which accommodates not only fans and lighting, but surround sound.

Tall cathedral porch ceiling with tongue and groove finishcathedral porch ceiling

Archadeck Has Been a Trusted Porch Builder in Charlotte for Over 30 Years!

This porch takes a page out of the ultimate porch ceiling customization playbook! Not all tongue and groove or beadboard ceilings must maintain the look of natural wood. This porch has a tropical flair here in the Charlotte area, still a few hours’ drive from the coastline. These homeowners chose to not only paint their ceiling sunshine yellow, but we applied additional customization with a coffered effect. This porch exemplifies bright and airy outdoor living.

Yellow coffered porch ceiling designyellow beadboard porch ceiling

This Archadeck of Charlotte porch, while expansive and open features a very large roof. To ensure the porch nor the inside of their home become too shady, these homeowners chose to have us design their porch ceiling to include a fixed skylight. Skylights are a great solution for added light entry into your outdoor living space, but also into your home. This home features large windows and doors, which were to be covered by the porch roof. We were able to keep natural light inside their home by placing the skylight close to those windows.

Custom porch ceiling with skylightsporch ceiling with skylights

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