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Great Uses for Your Screened Porch This Holiday Season

Charlotte screened porches offer homeowners fabulous holiday flex spaces. Since our average high temperature in November is 63°, it stands to reason that many lucky residents will still be able to utilize their screened porches for the purpose of holiday entertaining this Thanksgiving.

Screened porches offer fantastic spaces of respite and additional living space nearly all year long. With the addition of Eze-Breeze windows and an outdoor fireplace, your porch becomes a true 3-season room, which can enjoy even more hours “outdoors” each year. What are some ways you could create value in your outdoor living on your screened porch this Thanksgiving?

Screened Porch User for Holidays
How will you use your screened porch for the holidays?

If your screened porch features a space for outdoor TV viewing, grab a coffee on Thanksgiving morning, and enjoy the parade from your porch. All the better if your porch has a fireplace to keep you cozy in the brisk autumn morning air. Invite the family out to watch with you, and create a beautiful family tradition right there on your screened porch. It’s a great way to start Thanksgiving day!

relax on your screened porch for the holidays
Enjoy your Eze-Breeze screened porch, rain or shine, on Thanksgiving morning

Having a spacious screened porch allows you the perfect opportunity to set up a decadent food and drinks service table. How about a menagerie of charcuterie, or other hors d’oeuvres on a table, conveniently located inside your screened porch. Whip up an autumn punch bowl, or create a self-serve coffee and tea station. How about a spot for pumpkin pies, cheesecake, or other tasty seasonal desserts? With the flexibility of an entire room, you can fill your screened porch with food and drink to keep your guests mixing and mingling while you prepare main courses.

flexible entertaining space on a screened porch
Wide-open screened porch spaces allow for endless food and beverage staging options!

Are you planning to cook your Thanksgiving turkey outdoors this year? If you have a smoker on your deck, or a fryer on your patio with an accompanying screened porch, you have the perfect space to set up a turkey prep station inside. You can prepare your turkey for outdoor cooking inside, and conveniently bring it out to your smoker, grill, or fryer. Once your bird is ready to eat, you can set up a serving table inside the porch, where you can dole out your delicious creation!

smoked turkey right outside your porch
Smoke your turkey on the patio, and serve it up inside your screened porch!


Imagine setting up a beautiful dining table this Thanksgiving, right inside your Eze-Breeze screened porch. Light a fire in your fireplace, and invite loved-ones out to your perfect screened porch dining venue. The best part about Eze-Breeze windows is that they will allow you to open or close them in any position to bring a little crisp autumn air inside or to completely prevent cool drafts. If you would rather have the main dining table set up inside, you can create a spill-over or kids’ table on your screened porch. However you decide to use your dining space, you will be happy to have it!

screened porch kids table
Eze-Breeze screened porches are perfect for holiday dining!

Don’t worry if you have not yet built your screened porch. Archadeck of Charlotte will help you plan, design, and build the perfect porch for your home and outdoor living style. If you love the idea of creating a beautiful and usable screened porch for holiday use, we will have you living in style for the holidays next year!

Are you looking for a screened porch builder near me with total custom design capabilities to bring your holiday entertaining to the next level? Give Archadeck of Charlotte a call at (704) 850-6104.