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Why Archadeck?

Whether you’re just starting to think about building a new outdoor space or are in the final stages of due diligence, you’ll want to know how one company is different than the other companies that seemingly provide the same service. In custom design and build, there are so many variable factors. For example, two different builders could describe a project the same way but what they build could be completely different.

For example, the builders might both say the final product is a 12′ × 16′ wood deck.

  • What grade of wood are they using?
  • What are the construction standards for how the deck is attached to the house or the distance of the joists?
  • Will they use nails, screws or hidden fasteners?
  • Will the deck have skirting?
  • Will the railing be made of the same wood or made with upgraded materials?
  • Is there a warranty of workmanship?
  • Warranty of materials?
  • Warranty of completion?

As you can see, just looking at the variations of even a simple deck can be dizzying. Your questions will range from construction questions to material questions to question about the company.

Flower box on deck
Charlotte pressure-treated wood deck with flower box and upgraded metal railing

1) Over 30 years! in Charlotte

There is only one outdoor builder that has been serving the Charlotte market for 30 years. Archadeck has weathered several recessions and has built over 20,000 outdoor projects right here in the Charlotte market. With experience and longevity comes expertise.

2) Archadeck meets or exceeds all local building codes

Because it is part of an international franchise, Archadeck building process and quality standards adhere to a building standards master plan. Every building guideline is designed to meet or exceed all local building codes. The construction of every facet of your project is documented in the Archadeck master plan ensuring that your builder isn’t making it up as they go along or taking shortcuts.

3) We guarantee your project will be completed

Everyone has a horror story about a contractor that didn’t finish or did shoddy work. Unfortunately, we hear many stories about competitors that accept deposits and vanish into thin air. At Archadeck, we present you with a guarantee of completion. Because Archadeck is an international brand, your project comes with a guarantee of completion, as contracted, should something unforeseen happen to your local office.

4) Guarantee of workmanship

Every Archadeck project comes with a guarantee of workmanship and structural integrity. Your project will have a 1-yr workmanship guarantee and a 5-year structural guarantee.

5) Design experts

Archadeck of Charlotte wins numerous design awards every year. You will have a personal experienced Design Consultant that will work with you to translate your wishes into the outdoor living space you’ve been looking for.

If you’re ready to talk to a design consultant about the outdoor living space you have been dreaming of, give us a call at (704) 850-6104, drop us an email or fill out the form on this site. We look forward to building your dream outdoor living space.

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