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Hassle-Free Deck Building: Factors Every Homeowner Should Consider

Discerning homeowners who wish to create more opportunities for entertainment and recreation see the value in extending their living spaces. For example, one can build a patio, porch, sunroom, or deck, depending on the prevailing terrain and one’s personal preferences. When constructed properly, these outdoor living spaces will not only enhance curb appeal, but they will also boost property resale value.

Some homeowners may not be sure which sort of structural additions are best suited for their homes. Luckily, an article on offers practical advice to anyone who is having a hard time deciding between a deck and a patio addition. To make a more informed choice, you should get acquainted with the essential patio or deck building principles and then contact a trusted contractor like Archadeck Outdoor Living to provide further advice on your project.

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The article starts off by pointing out the main difference between patios and decks. Patios are built primarily at ground level and can be made of concrete, pavers, stone, brick, or other suitable materials. On the other hand, decks are elevated structures attached to a home and usually constructed of wood or composite materials.

The next big step you will need to make is determining your budget. Angie Hicks, founder of popular consumer reviews site Angie’s List, recommends determining how much square footage you wish to add so you can have a clearer idea of the potential costs involved with each possible option. It is also advisable to consider all possible maintenance issues. For instance, wooden decks may be less expensive to install than composites, but they need to be sealed, stained, and fitted with new railings and floor planks from time to time.

In addition to cost and maintenance issues, it is also important to consider the general landscape of your property. Patios are much more appropriate on flat rather than hilly terrain, while decks can be constructed on pretty much any property regardless of topography. You also need to assess your intended uses for any outdoor living space to determine if there are any safety or maintenance concerns. Deck safety considerations typically revolve around snow buildup and efficient drainage.

Fortunately, you can count on established companies like Archadeck Outdoor Living to conduct deck and patio safety inspections as needed. By carrying out timely inspections and repairs, you can reduce slip and fall hazards that are typical on outdoor living spaces. To guarantee safe and durable outdoor structures, you will need to work with a reputable and competent contractor who has built a solid track record in the deck building industry.