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Check Your Deck - This Month Of May As It Is National Deck Safety Month

Luckily for Birmingham homeowners with outdoor living spaces and local businesses with al fresco dining and outdoor bar areas that have decks, Archadeck of Birmingham and The North American Deck and Railing Association both have our best interests at heart by reminding us that the month of May is National Deck Safety Month.

Every once in a while, we need to be reminded of certain things – especially the important ones – and deck safety is no exception.

Birmingham’s Love Affair With Backyard Decks

Here in the greater Birmingham area, decks are the workhorses of all the outdoor living structures Archadeck builds.

If your deck is working alone, it takes on quite a lot of responsibility. It provides you with an ultra-convenient place where you can just step outside your door, sit in a comfortable chair and bask in nature’s glory.

On pleasant mornings, you can take your coffee, tea or breakfast smoothie out on your deck. Lunch on the deck provides a break from the hectic activities of the day. In the evening, settle down to catch up on the day’s news with your tablet, or curl up with a good book.

When you place your grill on the deck, no one is going to want to eat dinner indoors. Then, when the sun sets for another day, lie back in your deck lounge chair and enjoy the wanderlust of the stars in the nighttime sky.

Take it from Birmingham’s premier deck builders, your new deck will become your “outside living and dining room” — and most likely your favorite room of the house.

Check Your Deck For Split Or Decaying Wood

Check several different areas of your deck to be sure that the wood is still safe and sound. This includes the ledger board where the deck attaches to the house – and a common source of deck failure – support posts and joists under the deck, deck boards on the deck itself, deck railings, drink rails and stairs.

Furthermore, be sure to look for any areas that tend to remain damp, are regularly exposed to water, or are in contact with fasteners.

Use a tool like an ice pick or a screwdriver to penetrate the wood surface. If you can easily penetrate 1⁄4 – 1⁄2 inch, break off a sliver of wood without splinters, or the wood is soft and spongy, decay may be present – and you may need to have Archadeck replace your deck or possibly just redeck it, if the substructure is still sound and void of decay.

While you’re at it, this is also a good time to look for small holes in the wood, which may indicate insect damage.

Check Your Deck For Loose Or Corroded Fasteners

Be sure to be thorough and look for all deck fasteners on and within your deck structure – top and bottom.

This includes all nails, screws and anchors in the ledger board.

Tighten any fasteners that are loose and hammer in any nails that may have popped up.

Should a fastener appear to be rusted, corroded or compromised, replace it, as a corroded fastener can cause deterioration within the surrounding wood.

Check Your Deck For Creaking And Sagging Stairs

If your deck makes a noise when you step on a deck stair and apply pressure to it, it may need to be replaced. The deck stairs – as well as the deck itself – should always appear even without sagging and it should not sway.

While you’re at it, check any railings or handrails to be sure they are firmly held in place. Also, check all the risers and stringers to be certain that they are securely attached and not decayed.

And always, keep the deck surface clear of any obstructions and be sure to keep stair pathways clear of planters, accessories, toys and other items that can present a tripping hazard. Remember, deck safety is no accident.

Check Your Deck Flashing

Your deck flashing is a metal or plastic guard that directs water out and away from sensitive areas. It is often installed where the deck and house come together, keeping moisture and debris from collecting between the house and the deck’s ledger board.

Be certain the flashing is sound and firmly in place. Consider adding or replacing flashing if you notice areas that are obviously allowing water to collect.

Check Your Deck, And If It Makes You Feel Uncomfortable, It May Need Redecking, A Deck Upgrade Or It May Need To Be Replaced

If any of these deck warning signs speak to you, it’s time to speak to your local Archadeck of Birmingham master deck experts and area franchisees, Derek Crews and Carissa Crews.

They, along with their deck team, will know what remedy to recommend during your complimentary deck upgrade or replacement design consultation.

To schedule it, call us at 205-576-5780 – or click this link right here to connect with us in an instant.

Derek and Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.