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How To Upgrade A Porch And Add Shade To Increase Functionality, Shade And Comfort In Green Trails At Lake Wilborn In Hoover AL

Archadeck of Birmingham likes to make more of a good thing when it comes to designing and building additional conveniences and features to the outdoor living spaces that our clients already enjoy.

Here is a perfect example.

Custom Pergola Hoover AL

Screening In An Existing Porch Gives It A New Lease On Outdoor Living Functionality

The family’s backyard patio porch had a lush and beautiful vista to enjoy; and as such, it was one of the most used outdoor spaces attached to this Green Trails home. The problem they were starting to experience was an influx of flying pests – bothersome mosquitoes and Japanese beetles most notably.

The later – the Japanese beetles – are particular bad this year. Their voracious appetite for leaves and flowers often causes them to dive bomb overhead as they approach their next meal. And when you’re outside for some tranquil peace and quiet, their intrusions are simply not acceptable.

Screening An Existing Patio Porch Is The Best Way To Say Good Riddance To Flying Pests All Year Long

When the family met with Archadeck for their complimentary design consultation, we discussed the flying bug problem on a particularly sunny day. The consensus was that screening the structure in would be the golden ticket solution to make the problem vanish naturally, without using flyswatters and pesticides of any kind.

custom wooden pergola with doggie door

Call it serendipity if you will, but on that particular day the sun was glaring. The homeowners then said, “As long as you’re here, what can we do about getting some shade on our exposed patio?”

A Pergola To The Rescue

It was agreed that adding a pergola over the adjacent open patio would be a great idea.

One of the primary advantages of a custom pergola is that it provides shade and protection from the sun. The open lattice and slatted roof design allows filtered sunlight to pass through while still providing a comfortable and cooler space to enjoy outdoor activities.

What’s more, a pergola extends your usable outdoor living space. It creates an inviting area for relaxation, entertaining guests, dining, or enjoying hobbies. With the addition of comfortable furniture, lighting, and accessories, a pergola can serve as an outdoor room that seamlessly blends with your patio.

Custom Pergola with Cedar Posts

Pergolas also add beauty and visual interest to your outdoor area. Our Archadeck design consultant will discuss with you various designs, styles, and materials, allowing you to choose one that complements your home's architecture and personal taste. A well-designed pergola can enhance the overall aesthetics of your patio and increase the value of your property.

Depending on the design and layout, a pergola can offer some privacy by creating a partially enclosed space. You can use climbing plants, drapes, or curtains to further enhance privacy and create a cozy atmosphere.

custom pergola builders

For avid gardeners, pergolas can also provide a structure for climbing plants, vines, and creepers. You can train plants to grow over the pergola, creating a green canopy and adding natural beauty to your outdoor space. This integration of plants can also help to create a cooler microclimate beneath the pergola.

Cedar Posts For Excellent Long Term Weather Wear And Tolerance

To add the pergola outside of the newly screened patio porch, we used cedar posts. A perennial favorite natural wood building material for outdoor spaces, cedar is well known for its natural durability and resistance to decay, rot, and insect damage. This makes it well-suited for this pergola outdoor extension, as it can withstand the elements and last for many years without the need for excessive maintenance or treatment.

Hoover Pergola Builders

Come the rainy season, no worries. Cedar contains natural oils and compounds that make it resistant to moisture absorption and degradation. This resistance to moisture can help prevent issues such as rot and decay, which are common concerns in outdoor structures.

How Can We Help You Make The Most Of The Outdoor Spaces You Already Enjoy?

Lake Wilborn residents who already enjoy their deck, porches, patios and poolsides can always count on Archadeck to take their enjoyment of these coveted outdoor living spaces to the next level.

To find out how, call us at 205-576-5780 for a complimentary design consultation. You can also click right here to connect with us.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham