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Two Deck Segments Combine as one Multi-level Deck in this Brook Highland, AL, Deck Expansion

When you need more space on your Birmingham area deck, do you expand your current deck or just build a new deck that’s larger? A homeowner in this situation might have two concerns: Which approach is the most cost-effective, and which will look the best? Premier deck builder Archadeck of Birmingham was happy to address both concerns by creating a stunning deck for these Shelby County, AL, homeowners.

Cozy wood deck

You could say we refreshed their existing deck. You could also say we created a new deck. That’s because we expanded their first deck by adding a new one that is simply a step down from the first. We also redecked their existing deck with the same beautiful PT pine we used on the new deck addition. The end result is a beautiful, cohesive multi-level deck that’s more than twice as big as the original. Now this family has more than double the space for their outdoor enjoyment.

Design and Materials Set the Scene

When you have an outdoor living space this large, you have the choice of using it as two adjacent spaces or one big space. What’s great is you can change your mind whenever you want! This multi-level deck design incorporates visual cues that support either decision. You may feel like you have two decks today and one deck tomorrow. It’s all determined by which cues you emphasize.

Cozy wood deck

Perhaps you’re having a party and a bunch of folks are coming over. You need a big deck. Three design elements support this space functioning as one big deck: the decking surface color, the parting board, and the railing.

Cozy wood deck

First, for the lower-level deck and upper-deck-level, the homeowners chose pressure-treated wood stained with a light shade. Second, did you notice the darker brown board that runs through the entire surface? This is called a parting board. It’s a design element used for visual interest. In this case, because it runs from end to end – crossing the upper deck and the lower deck in one unbroken line – it creates continuity. Third, the entire deck area, upper and lower, shares a distinctive railing. Looking at those elements, you can see it as one big deck with room for the host’s favorite smoker. Mmmm – you can almost smell those ribs cooking.

Wood deck with outdoor kitchen and seating area

Now, perhaps you need two outdoor areas for different activities. The simple fact that there is an upper level and a lower level gives you the perfect dividing point for two areas. To create more emphasis, you could move furniture around so people sitting on the lower deck have their backs to the top level. Your daughter and her classmate can construct their 3-D science project at the table on the upper level. Meanwhile, the grownups can sip iced tea or cocktails on the lower level while they enjoy the sun-dappled shade of late afternoon.

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Distinctive Features Make this Deck Unique

On this multi-level deck, the first things you notice are the distinctive black balusters in the railing system. These black, powder-coated aluminum balusters add a bold contrast against the lighter-colored deck surface and visually define the perimeter of the deck. Another distinctive feature: a bay corner design at the two outer-most corners of the deck’s lower level. Most deck corners follow a 90-degree angle. When you trim off that corner angle you get a distinctive deck shape that’s not quite square and not quite round. Interesting! Finally, the deck’s railing system includes a secure pet gate at the top of the stairs leading down into the yard.

Wood deck with balusters, gate and lounge area

At Archadeck of Birmingham, we pride ourselves on custom-designing each outdoor living project we build. Our objective with each project is to create the perfect outdoor living space for that specific client. We talk with the client about their preferences and their wish-list so we get a solid idea of what they want in their outdoor space. We make suggestions based on our experience and our knowledge of the many kinds of materials available for their type of project. The result is a custom outdoor living space giving that client their dream space for relaxing, entertaining, and simply enjoying.

Have you been thinking about expanding, replacing or redecking your Birmingham-area deck? Contact Archadeck of Birmingham today to make the most of the time you spend outdoors this year. Call us now (205) 576-5780.

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