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Mountain Brook, AL Homeowners Look to Pet-Friendly Archadeck of Birmingham for Their Cats' Screened Porch

Archadeck of Birmingham is going to the dogs. And the cats. When we design outdoor living spaces for pet owners, we design for the whole family, including those precious pets. You might be surprised by the number of Archadeck customers who ask about incorporating pet-friendly design details into their custom outdoor living space.

Custom Screened porch

Today’s featured project in Mountain Brook, AL, is a beautiful screened porch we built for two cats and their human family. The porch is built with pressure-treated pine, and the black aluminum balusters are made by Deckorators. Notice the railing and balusters inside the porch screens. Some homeowners would have used a knee wall here, but these humans wanted to give their cats floor-to-ceiling views of the outdoors.

Interior of custom screened porch

Look closely and you can see their multi-level cat tower reflected in the dark TV screen. The cat tower is actually located in the back of the room near the point where the screen meets the house wall, behind the couch, chair and lamp. These cats will always be able to keep a close watch over outdoor activities.

On the outside, in the grill area on the upper landing, you may be able to make out two hummingbird feeders. Those should keep these cats entertained!

Exterior view of screened porch and deck with stairs

Custom Designing Your Space with Your Pets in Mind

A pet-friendly designer and builder, Archadeck of Birmingham is always amenable to designing with your pets in mind. According to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of U.S. households own a pet (American Pet Products Association).

In our experience the pets under consideration are usually dogs and cats, but if yours don’t fit into those two descriptors, please let us know about your pets and their needs. We are happy to design and build your Birmingham porch, deck or pool pavilion with their needs in mind. If you’re considering the addition of an outdoor space for human enjoyment, don’t overlook the role the area will play in the life of your pet, too.

Exterior view of screened porch and deck

If you have rambunctious pets and worry about the possibility they might destroy your screens, we can use a stronger, pet-friendly screening with increased resistance to punctures and tears. This product will provide better protection from pet damage than typical screening.

Cat doors and dog doors are always an option if you want your pets to run freely in and out of the home. That convenience is as much for the humans (the door openers) as it is for the furry family members, isn’t it?

Wood deck with outdoor kitchen
— The cat on this Birmingham deck was a bit camera shy the day we photographed the project!

On the flip side, we highly recommend designing a gate at the top of your deck stairs, especially if your yard isn’t fenced. That way, your dog can have free run of the deck and you don’t have to worry about him running down the stairs and then down the street! Of course, it depends on how tall your dog is and whether he’s a jumper. Let’s just say gates protect smaller breeds best.

Pets Are Good for Us and We Are Good to Them!

Cats and dogs

With a little research, you can find medical studies indicating that spending time with our pets is relaxing for humans and can improve our health. One such study reports that stroking or petting a beloved animal can trigger your body to release a relaxation hormone and reduce levels of a stress hormone. No one will argue with the suggestion that dogs keep you healthier when you have to walk them!

If you are in search of the perfect outdoor living space for your family, including your furry friends, contact Archadeck of Birmingham today to learn more. Call for a free design consultation at (205) 576-5780.

Company owners
— Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham