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Filling The Backyard Gap With New Home Improvement Outdoor Living Construction

When this homeowner said, “Please fill the gap,” he wasn’t being metaphorical. He literally wanted to expand, extend, and improve his outdoor living space deck to create a seamless, cohesive combination outdoor living space, in this Cedar Park, TX, home.

Cedar Park Home

In the before photo, the big gap you see between the stoop that leads from the bedroom to the area below is what he was referring to.

before Archadeck

Area before Archadeck of Austin began the project.

The solution was to replace the existing structure with a large new deck, and configuring a new stairway on the porch side toward the pool area, instead of spilling into the side yard.

The Details Are Everything At Archadeck Of Austin

The scenario here is our client had an existing deck. They reached out to Archadeck of Austin to improve upon what they already had. They wanted to change things up a bit, creating a more seamless, cohesive, and functional combination outdoor living space.

In the before pictures, you will see there was a little landing that went down to the pool from the bedroom and our client wanted to fill that in and close it off.

Deck before Archadeck

Before, showing stair configuration prior to beginning project.

The stairs on the opposite side of the existing covered porch/patio had a stair flow that led to an undesirable side yard, not the backyard – and that needed to be remedied.

The Evolution Of The Ultimate Exterior Home Makeover

Our construction team of experts at Archadeck of Austin tore down all of the existing structure in the area in question and changed the direction of the stairs to lead from front to rear for easier access.

new stair configurations

New stair configurations on both end of the space.

We then tied a concrete slab at the bottom of the stairs, as the landing goes down onto the concrete and ties everything into the pool deck area. The custom designed result is that a new and improved larger deck now exists between the homeowner’s master bedroom and open porch.

Details And Finishing Touches That Make This Deck Exceptional In Every Way

For long-term ease of care and maintenance – or virtually no maintenance, we should add – we chose AZEK PVC Vintage decking in Mahogany. The decking is a mid-brown with hints of red and dark streaking.

close up on the new deck

With rich colors and classic style, the Vintage Collection represents a complete game-changer within the capped PVC decking category. Its unprecedented natural, classic looks are designed to completely reinvent the category of low maintenance PVC decking.

railing on new deck

Unlike upgraded pressure-treated decks, this one will maintain its beauty and richness without the need for applying stain.

patio chairs on new patio

AZEK is strategically committed to producing a capped PVC deck board that looks and performs unlike anything on the market in this next evolution in capped PVC decking.

Drinks, Anyone?

For the comfort and convenience of the family and guests visiting their new deck, we designed and installed a drink rail of cedar on the covered porch and deck area.

outdoor kitchen

We also chose a cedar skirting system for storage, as it repels outdoor elements beautifully and resists rot and insects – important attributes for a protective area of this nature.

furnished patio

Adjacent to the drink rail, and surrounding the perimeter of the structure, we used a new iron railing system for performance, beauty, and durability.

How Can I Speak To My Expert Austin Deck Builder?

That’s easy. Just click here; and we will contact you to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

Jim Schallon of Archadeck of Austin.

Jim Schallon of Archadeck of Austin.