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Archadeck of Austin Creates A Woodland Oasis In Leander, TX

There are outdoor living spaces. And then there are “outdoor” outdoor living spaces as is evident in this Leander, TX backyard.

Outdoor Woodland Oasis Leander TX

Deep in the northwest part of Leander, you will now discover a most unique project. Designed and constructed by this Leander fire pit builder is an outdoor living space detached from the home.

It was so detached, that the area we cleared for placement of this outdoor living space was nothing but raw landscape and brush before –just rough ground.

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And sometimes, it is creative thinking and custom design like this that leads to unique outdoor living space designs. So unique that you can clearly say that it is one of a kind – a stellar example of a unique patio with fire pits.

woodland setting custom path to fire pit

We had to go over 100 feet from the homeowner’s driveway down to where the unique space would soon come to life. But first, the area needed to be cleaned and graded.

For the pathway leading into the new space, we employed our better building methodology as we installed a 6-inch concrete footer system from the driveway down to the patio area we created.

During Leander Hardscape woodland project

After the structural footer system was cured and dry, we installed a heavy duty weed blocking material and added a generous amount of one-inch thick Texas black gravel in the pathway.

The reason why we used this larger than traditional stone and gravel solution for this path is to ensure the material stays put and doesn’t wash out when it comes up against heavy rains. Smaller stones would simply wash away. With this construction, it will stand the test of time and rigorous weather conditions.

At the end of this beautiful pathway is the pièce de résistance -- a five foot wide wood burning fire pit atop a huge 15-foot patio.

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To support the density and girth of this nestled outdoor oasis, we installed a sturdy footer system and built structurally sound retaining walls.

To illuminate this most special backyard sanctuary as the sun sets, we also installed energy-efficient LED low voltage pathway copper lighting to create a magical glow of warm ambiance to welcome visitors to the space.

This added illumination now makes it easy to get to the secluded backyard spot for private enjoyment and relaxation.

custom outdoor lights to fire pit

To operate the low voltage power source transformer, we brought electricity from the house and buried it securely underground. For greater functionality, we also accommodated any future electrical needs by installing a post with two grounded outlets, as well as a switch to control all the lighting.

The finishing touch of nighttime glow was the festive, Edison-style bistro lighting which the homeowners installed after our construction was completed.

custom woodland patio fire pit

The custom wood burning fire pit and the walkway edge are both made from the same stone for flawless aesthetic appeal. The end result is this design and construction of a hardscape custom walkway going down to a romantic fire pit, ideally situated in a woodland setting.


Archadeck lead designer Jim Schallon and team outdid themselves with this incredible fantasy-like woodland vision of nighttime bliss.

If you’re ready to see what he and his design team can do for you in transforming your backyard, contact Archadeck of Austin today to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon lead designer Archadeck Austin

Jim Schallon, lead designer at Archadeck of Austin.