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Let Archadeck of Austin Bring Your Outdoor Kitchen Dreams to Life

If all you need is an outdoor kitchen, Archadeck of Austin will be more than happy to design and build an outdoor kitchen for you. It may feature an array of cutting-edge appliances and custom task lighting, or it may be as simple as a grill and a countertop. We build the outdoor kitchen you want.


The benefits of having an outdoor kitchen are more significant than what specific elements you choose for your own outdoor kitchen design. The convenience it offers is tremendous. That’s true whether you’re planning to entertain outdoors frequently or your family simply enjoys dining on the patio. Either way, an outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy more of your time with family and friends outdoors while you’re preparing a meal.


Having a workstation for food prep near the grill saves you from running in and out of the house. Being able to plug in your blender on the counter and whip up a batch of your favorite drinks on the patio, that’s convenience. When food prep, cooking and dining are all self-contained on your patio or deck, that’s convenience. When you cook seafood for dinner and the odors never enter your home, well, that’s even better than convenience.

Have a Custom Outdoor Kitchen Designed Just for Your Needs

These Pflugerville, TX, homeowners had a covered patio and wanted to add an outdoor kitchen. They had just the right amount of space to add the components they wanted for preparing and enjoying meals outdoors. The center of attention here is the extra-large grill. No one is going hungry around this patio! Our clients wanted easy access to other types of cooking in their outdoor space, too. In addition to the grill, their outdoor kitchen includes a griddle and a burner unit with a cover.



Then, it’s about more than just heat, right? A refrigerator comes in quite handy when you’re dining outdoors, especially on a Pflugerville patio in the summertime! The homeowners also chose to include plenty of storage space and plenty of counter space for food prep. They can easily use small appliances on the counter when needed, too, because we added electrical outlets on the backsplash.


Speaking of backsplash, this component was not in our original design for this outdoor kitchen. As you can see, the clients chose chopped block stone for the base of this kitchen. They selected Lueders stone for their countertop – a beautiful, smooth surface perfect for food prep. Once we had everything in place, it became clear that the heat from this very large grill might be too much for the wall behind it. We needed to add protection for that wall. Large 2’x2’ blocks of Lueders stone, the same smooth stone we used for the countertop, provided the solution. Looking at it now, you would never guess the backsplash was an afterthought. It fits right into the outdoor kitchen design.

Our Pflugerville clients are already enjoying their outdoor kitchen where everything they need is at their fingertips. They are taking outdoor dining at home to the next level.

Would an outdoor kitchen make your outdoor living space more fun and more functional? Contact Archadeck of Austin to schedule your free design consultation.


Jim Schallon, senior designer Archadeck of Austin.