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Hardwood Deck and Covered Pergola in Round Rock TX Make the Perfect Combination for a Leisurely Afternoon

This backyard deck and pergola combination in Round Rock, TX, is the picture of sheer tranquility. It’s a beautiful project with several noteworthy features. Prior to our work here, the home had no outdoor living space other than the yard itself. The homeowners have been remodeling the home, and this backyard addition was another facet of their remodeling.

Beautiful Hardwood Deck With Wide Steps And Covered Pergola.

We built their new deck with ipe, one of several types of wood known as exotic hardwoods. If the word ipe looks strange to you, it’s pronounced ee-pay. This wood comes from Central America and South America. It has a rich, beautiful color and is extremely strong and durable. It’s resistant to termites, too! The homeowners had initially chosen low-maintenance decking, but upon looking at samples they fell in love with the look of the real ipe wood.

Beautiful Hardwood Deck With Wide Steps And Covered Pergola.

The steps around this deck are attention-getting and seem to lend the deck an extra leisurely, relaxed feeling. We designed these wrap-around steps at the homeowners’ request. They like the idea of being able to cross the deck at any point and walk straight out into the yard. Steps like these also work as extra seating, when needed. A person sitting on these steps will not block others from accessing the deck or the yard. Steps wrapping around a low deck like this one not only look great, they are convenient and multifunctional.

Beautiful Hardwood Deck With Wide Steps And Covered Pergola.

Bring on the Shade with a Covered Pergola!

While the large tree near the deck offers shade, it only covers part of the deck. Our clients wanted a covered pergola that would fill in the “shade gap” and provide a reliable amount of shade. The solution here was a cedar pergola with a Polygal cover. Polygal sheeting filters out burning UV rays, reducing heat on the deck below without blocking the natural light. It also provides cover during rain, so a sudden shower won’t send anyone running into the house.

Beautiful Hardwood Deck With Wide Steps And Covered Pergola.

We ran electrical wiring to the pergola. The homeowners will be able to add a ceiling fan, and they have an electrical outlet at the bottom of a post for their convenience.

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-- Jim Odom, Owner of Archadeck of Austin