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Stunning New Deck and Pool Surround North of Austin in Central Texas

When a client has done enough research to know what they want for their outdoor project and why, we know things will go well. And they usually do! Today’s featured project is the perfect example. These homeowners north of Austin in Central TX had done their research and had selected low-maintenance AZEK synthetic decking for their new deck. Selecting AZEK is actually what led them to choose Archadeck of Austin as their deck builder. We are a TimberTech/AZEK Platinum Contractor, and that’s why they wanted us to design and build their new deck and pool surround.

Being named by TimberTech/AZEK as a Platinum Contractor means we’ve had an extra level of training with the company’s low-maintenance decking products. We are listed on the TimberTech/AZEK website as a Platinum Contractor. This is not the first project where homeowners have selected us because of our Platinum status.

Combination Project: Deck and Pool Surround

Before Archadeck of Austin began the new deck and patio combo
Before Archadeck of Austin began the new deck and patio combo.

These homeowners had a wood deck that led out to their pool area. Not only did the aging wood deck need to be replaced, the clients felt it didn’t really “gel” with the adjacent pool surround. The deck was elevated above the pool area and bordered by benches that made it feel separate from the pool. The homeowners wanted us to design a unified outdoor living space encompassing the deck and pool.

After Archadeck of Austin completed the new backyard space
After Archadeck of Austin completed the new backyard space.

The scope of the project, then, was to design and build a custom low-maintenance AZEK deck and a new concrete patio/pool surround with an overlay. Our design really opened up the whole area and made the entire backyard—including the pool and hot tub—feel like one spacious outdoor room. It also allows for endless configurations of outdoor furnishings and decor!

We removed the original deck completely to start afresh. It was necessary to create a concrete footer for the new deck since it was almost ground contact. The concrete footer will promote drainage and allow for a very short but continuous unification between the deck and patio. We enlarged the pool surround area, too, creating a stunning new concrete patio with an overlay.

Why is AZEK a great choice near a pool?

AZEK’s premium PVC decking was an excellent choice here because of the deck’s proximity to the family’s pool. Synthetic decking provides unparalleled slip resistance and moisture resistance. This type of decking dries quickly, and it won’t splinter. Our clients selected AZEK’s Weathered Teak color, and we designed the deck with a handsome chevron pattern.

New Azel Platinum Deck

For a flawless deck surface, we countersunk the screws into the deck and filled the holes with PVC pellets as plugs. It was the perfect finishing touch for this deck. But wait! There was another final touch … we added ribbon lighting along the edge of the deck where the homeowners will step down to the patio. Lighting along the edge of the deck adds a wonderful ambiance at night and increases the family’s safety, too.

The stone we used for the rim of the hot tub is smooth, white Lueders stone. We used sawn slabs that we could custom cut to the shape we needed. For this project we used the old stone from the hot tub as a template to cut the new Lueders stone so it would fit perfectly.

Poolside deck

Are you ready to update your deck and patio combination or add a deck that better complements your pool surround? Call Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 886-8367 or email us to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon of Archadeck
Jim Schallon, senior designer Archadeck of Austin.