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Round Rock TX Patio & Pergola – the Perfect Pair for Summer

We all enjoy having fun in the sun, but with summer just days away, let’s hear it for fun in the shade! At Archadeck of Austin, one of our most requested items is a covered patio. It’s no surprise that this time of year, shade is on high on the priority list for homeowners—especially those with young children. What about you? Do you have enough shade at your home, or could you use more?

Backyard patio with pergola

Kids are kids, and they love to play outside. We understand! Before you know it, they’re likely to be sunburned. Either that, or they complain it’s just too hot to play outside. Archadeck of Austin has the remedy for both extremes: a covered patio —and not just any covered patio. A stylish patio and pergola combination covered with Topgal tinted sheeting to block UV rays and some of the sun’s heat! As an added bonus, a covered pergola will also protect your patio from rain. If it’s protecting your patio, it’s protecting your family.

Your Austin and Round Rock Patio Builder

— Just look how the new patio and pergola transformed this backyard for the better!

Our clients whose covered patio you see here wanted a shaded area where their children and dogs could play. Their home had a tiny patio, only 10×10’, but worse than its inadequate size was the fact that it didn’t have any shade. The first thing we did was sketch out a much larger patio for this active family. At 26’ long and 14’ deep, the new patio spans the length of the house across the back. We removed the original patio, and also extended the original footprint. We then applied a custom concrete overlay to the entire patio area.

Details of custom patio overlay
— Custom concrete overlay for a new and improved patio aesthetic.

… Is Also Your Austin and Round Rock Pergola Builder

While these homeowners were primarily seeking shade, they still wanted to be able to sit outdoors and soak up the sun on cooler days. Who says you can’t have it both ways? We designed a pergola to cover most—but not all—of their expanded patio. If they want to enjoy the sun’s gentle warmth in the cooler months, they can use the uncovered portion of the patio. That open area is also perfect for stargazing at night. So, they gained shade but didn’t lose their view of the night sky.

Besides being absolutely gorgeous, this custom cedar pergola has some great features:

Details of custom shade pergola

  • The bronze tinted Topgal pergola cover provides protection and lots of shade. We’re talking about protection from rain as well as sun, so that’s a two-fer. The Topgal sheet covering the pergola allows plenty of light through but blocks UV rays and also blocks heat. In technical terms, it reduces solar heat gain. In a Round Rock TX summer, that’s exactly what you want!
  • If you look closely at the pergola, you may notice a water spigot on one of the posts. (It’s the post on the left.) We ran the clients’ water under the patio and up the cedar post with a spigot there for access to water for the yard. This way the hose isn’t snaking across the patio and creating a tripping hazard.
  • Finally, what could make this delightful shade cover even better? Ceiling fans! Besides adding shade and rain protection, a pergola provides a place to hang ceiling fans outdoors. The kids might not pay much attention to them, but the adults will definitely appreciate the breezes these two fans will stir up all summer long.

Ceiling fans on pergola

Do you need shade, a covered patio, or a bigger covered patio than the one you currently have? Now is the time to get started! Call Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 886-8367 to schedule your free design consultation.

Jim Schallon Senior Designer Archadeck Of Austin
Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.