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Unusual Project Demonstrates Our Commitment to Outdoor Accessibility!

Sometimes the purpose of an outdoor living project is simply to make your life a little easier. The Lago Vista, TX, project featured here is the perfect example. The homeowners live on a lake and needed a safer way to traverse the steep, rocky hill from their home to their deck and boat dock.

At Archadeck of Austin, we love a challenge!

The homeowners have a little driveway for their golf cart and use that to travel part of the distance down to the lake. They wanted to add a patio at the end of the golf cart driveway and add a concrete walkway from there down to the wood deck. Then they needed another concrete walkway from the deck down to the boat dock. The ultimate goal of this project was to make getting to the boat easier and safer for our clients.

Archadeck employee at work
— During the installation of the project.

More than 500 square feet of concrete later, we delivered the solution these dear homeowners were hoping for. Designing the project was our first challenge, and then transporting the necessary materials from the road to the project site was another. We used a buggy to move all of the materials across this distance of at least half a mile. Then we had to carry the concrete in 5-gallon buckets to each section of the walkway as we poured it. As the homeowners observed our efforts, they were thrilled that we were able to do whatever it took to achieve their goal.

From steep, rocky hill to smooth, terraced walkways

We designed the concrete walkways in a way that eliminated stairs entirely. With this terraced approach, the homeowners can walk a little way and take one step down, walk a little more and take another step down. Walking and stepping down, walking and stepping down will reduce the amount of stress on the body—compared to walking down a set of stairs.

Driveway portion of the project
— The upper part descends from the driveway down to the dock and water’s edge.

Every day these clients go down to the dock, they will appreciate the work we did to make this trip easier and safer for them. We love that we were able to help them to this extent. Now they can enjoy their beautiful lakeside property without dreading the trip down—and up—that rocky hill.

Completed segments of the project
— Completed project.

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Jim Schallon of Archadeck
Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.