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More Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors: Round Rock TX Covered Patio

Young families and “empty nesters” alike need more than one way to enjoy the outdoors at home. These homeowners in Round Rock, TX, had a deck but wanted something more to complete their outdoor living space. Covered patio builder Archadeck of Austin designed just the right covered patio here—and with an outdoor kitchen, of course!

Backyard covered patio and kiddie football area

Our clients enjoyed their existing deck but wanted additional structures to make their outdoor living space complete. Archadeck of Austin filled in the blanks with these solutions:

  1. More space = We added a patio adjoining the deck.
  2. Shade = We designed that patio with a roof to cover it.
  3. Convenient outdoor cooking = We included an outdoor kitchen within the patio design.

Patios and Decks Go Together Like Fun and More Fun!

Deck and covered patio with outdoor kitchen

These homeowners now have all the options they need outdoors. With a covered patio for relaxing, dining, and watching the kids play in the yard, rain showers and hot sun will not be a problem. The ceiling over their new patio is equipped with recessed lighting for nighttime use and a ceiling fan to stir welcome breezes. The open deck they already had gives them a comfortable place to enjoy the warmth of the sun when it’s not too hot outdoors. It’s also the perfect place for stargazing. The outdoor kitchen means they can cook outside and eat outside. The grill master will be able to visit with guests on the patio while grilling their favorite foods.

Backyard with parked toy cars and kiddie football area

Covered Patio Designed by Archadeck of Austin

This patio surface features a “cool deck” concrete treatment often used around pools. It’s an efficient and a cost-effective way to finish a patio. Besides being comfortable for bare feet, the textured patio surface is durable and slip-resistant.

Outdoor kitchen on covered patio

If you’re wondering about that beautiful ceiling over the new patio, we built it with Synergy Wood. It’s as gorgeous as any ceiling you might have indoors. We use these handcrafted, prefinished tongue-and-groove ceiling boards for many of the covered patios and porches we design and build. Our clients love it.

Looking For a GREAT Outdoor Kitchen Designer?

If you know Archadeck of Austin, you know a great kitchen builder around Austin and Round Rock, Texas. We never build too much kitchen, or too little. We’re expert outdoor kitchen designers. Whether you want a simple outdoor kitchen or all the “bells and whistles,” we can help you use that space efficiently and effectively.

Covered patio with outdoor kitchen and seating area

Bar counter area on covered patio

Notice that the backside of this outdoor kitchen has a bar/counter that can accommodate bar stools for an “eat-in kitchen” feel. Guests can perch at the bar and enjoy their refreshing beverages while spending time with the grill master at work.

Outdoor kitchen on patio

You may be surprised to know that this kitchen features a cooler instead of a fridge. That’s what we recommend when the outdoor kitchen is close in proximity to the interior kitchen, as was the case here.

Outdoor kitchen on patio

We have a funny story about building this outdoor kitchen. At Archadeck of Austin, we always start our outdoor kitchens with a very sturdy foundation of cinder blocks before adding the stone finish. When the homeowners saw us installing cinder blocks, they wanted to know if that was what it was going to look like. The Archadeck owner, on site at the time, responded quickly and enthusiastically, “Oh, no – that’s just the structural element, ‘cause at Archadeck of Austin, we don’t do ugly!" The clients found that hysterically funny, and it became a running joke for the duration of the project. And it’s true!

Altogether, the combination of covered patio, deck, and outdoor kitchen at this Round Rock, TX, home will add value by enticing buyers, should the owners decide to sell.

Would you enjoy your outdoor living space more if you added to it? Interested in a new patio and outdoor kitchen, or deck? Call Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 886-8367 to schedule your free design consultation.

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