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Extend My Patio and Add a Privacy Screen … or 3… Please!

Custom covered patio

It’s not unusual to hear clients say, “We would use our patio more if it were bigger,” etc. These South Austin, TX, clients had a_ well-used_ patio they wanted to expand. The homeowners spend a lot of time outdoors relaxing on their covered patio, grilling out and watching the children play in the back yard. They needed a bigger patio.

What Could Make Your Patio Better?

Have you ever stood back and looked at your outdoor living space(s) and asked yourself, What could make this better? This patio … this deck … this porch … whatever outdoor living space you now enjoy?

Old covered patio

These South Austin clients had a covered patio that functioned like a deck in that it was raised and had railings and steps. It had a roof for shade, but it just wasn’t big enough, and they were ready to do something about it. That’s when they called patio builder Archadeck of Austin for a design consultation.

Improvements included in this custom-designed patio expansion:

Custom hot tub on patio with privacy wall

  • Significant patio expansion including space for a hot tub
  • Large privacy screen for hot tub area
  • 2 privacy screens for existing covered patio area
  • New concrete patio with textured overlay
  • Updated railing
  • Relocating steps leading to back yard
  • Incorporating rain chains into the home’s gutter system

The additional patio space allowed the homeowners to move their grill out of the covered patio area, giving them more space for their patio furniture. The original patio footprint did not extend beyond the covered area.

Introducing Multi-Purpose Privacy Screens

Patio with custom hot tub and privacy wall

If you were to add a hot tub to your outdoor living space, would you want to add a privacy screen as well? For these South Austin homeowners, the answer was Yes. One thing led to another, and soon the project included two more privacy screens.

It’s amazing how adding these two privacy screens changed the experience of sitting on this patio. The original seating area, while covered by a roof, was exposed on either side. The size of the seating area did not change, but we used these privacy screens on each side to create a more intimate space.

Custom covered patio with seating area and hot tub

We built the privacy screens with 1 × 6 boards of beautiful western red cedar, and we stained them. The 8-foot cedar privacy screen beside the hot tub is the largest of the three. Because the screens are not solid, but have small gaps between boards, they allow some light into the area. Looking out from within the seating area, the homeowners see a bit of daylight through the privacy screens.

Here’s the best part: even though the screens aren’t solid, they block the wind and keep rain from blowing into the patio from the sides. Who knew simple privacy screens could accomplish so much?

Project Details: New Patio, New Railing, Old Rain Chains!

  • We poured new concrete for this patio project and applied an overlay in the “Houston Tan” color.
  • It was definitely time to update the railing on this raised patio! The homeowners selected a Fortress vertical cable rail system with an Ipe cap atop the railing. Ipe is a beautiful exotic hardwood. While it’s one of the more expensive woods used for outdoor living projects, the small amount needed for a rail cap will not break the budget!

Custom covered patio with seating area and hot tub area

  • The homeowners had rain chains hanging from the gutters of the patio roof, and the chains extended to the grass just beyond the original patio. With a larger patio, however, the rain chains would have brought the rain directly onto the concrete. We were able to use the same rain chains to divert the rain into a drain system in the yard.

Are you ready to expand and update your outdoor living area? What would it take to improve your patio or deck? Call Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 886-8367 to schedule your free design consultation.

Company designer
Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.