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Hyde Park Neighbors in North Austin See New Screened Porch and Want One, Too

If insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results, then sanity is calling Archadeck of Austin to build a screened porch for you. The mosquitoes will learn quickly that you are no longer just hoping they will go away.

Backyard screened porch

Our clients in the Hyde Park neighborhood of North Austin enjoyed their back yard and covered back porch, but come summertime, the mosquitoes were relentless. The homeowners knew they could not go through another summer fighting off these pesky insects. They noticed Archadeck of Austin building a screened porch for their next-door neighbors and decided to follow the neighbors’ example.

It’s not unusual for prospective clients to find us this way. When homeowners see us in the neighborhood, it triggers a reaction like, “Oh, wow, we need a screened porch, too!” Or perhaps this: “Look, honey, the Johnsons chose Archadeck of Austin to build their screened porch. Maybe we should try them, too!” That leads to a phone call, which leads to a free design consultation, which frequently results in a new outdoor living space. It’s a domino effect!

Your Better-Than-Average Austin TX Screened Porch

While Archadeck of Austin specializes in awesome patios and patio covers, these Hyde Park homeowners already had those elements in place. All they needed was the screening and the framing to attach it to. What you may not realize, however, is that our screened porches are better than most. We firmly believe that even simple projects are worth doing right. We bring our “A” game to every outdoor living structure we build, and we don’t take shortcuts.

From inside of screened porch backyard view

This Hyde Park neighborhood screened porch project is a prime example. We don’t use prefabricated screen panels, and we don’t staple the screen to a wood frame. With each screened room we create, Archadeck of Austin installs our screens the old-fashioned way using the blind stop method. We roll the screen into an aluminum sash frame much like the frames used to build windows. The aluminum frame is screwed into openings that have an inner and outer blind stop on each of the vertical posts.

Exterior view of screened porch

Why do we assemble our screens the old-fashioned way? While other screening methods may result in screens that stretch and sag, the blind stop method produces a screen panel that is stronger and keeps the screens taut. Also, if the screening material is ever damaged and needs replacing, this method makes screen replacement easier because it doesn’t involve interrupting the entire screened area.

Is One Type of Wood Better Than Another for Screened Porches?

We recommend framing a screened porch with Douglas fir when the homeowners want to paint or stain the wood. Douglas fir takes paint and stain better than cedar does, a “fun fact” that many homeowners are surprised to learn. These North Austin clients chose Douglas fir with a solid color white stain for their screened porch project.

Interior view of screened porch

Practice makes perfect, and you can believe we have had plenty of practice designing and building screened porches all over the greater Austin area. Today, it’s North Austin; tomorrow, we might be in your neighborhood!

Are you ready for a screened porch to protect your family and guests from pesky mosquitoes? We can design and build the perfect screened room to make your outdoor living space enjoyable again! Call Archadeck of Austin today at (512) 886-8367 to schedule your free design consultation.

Company designer
Jim Schallon, Lead Designer at Archadeck of Austin.