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The Beautifully Stress-Free Experience Of Having One Contractor Delivering The Best Of Both Outdoor Living Worlds

Unlike other builders and home remodelers, Archadeck builds both decks and patio hardscapes and that means you only need ONE contractor overseeing the entire project.couple enjoying outdoor living space

Whereas other builders may have to "sub out" the work, or in some cases homeowners wanting this type of combination space would have to hire out two different companies, that’s not so with us.

Archadeck designs your outdoor living combination plan to meet your custom needs and more importantly your wants. To ensure that it all flows together, we help you pick out the best materials to deliver complete project satisfaction from our wide menu of options to ensure you get the look you want; and we schedule and build them in unison. Yessiree, we handle it all; how can you possibly beat that?

Forget About Travel Agents As You Can Now Enjoy The Ultimate Vacation And Leisure Space Of Your Dreams Everyday – And More

At Archadeck of West Central Ohio and Southwest Ohio, we don’t just build decks, patios hardscape OR porches. We build decks, patios hardscape AND porches. If you are planning multiple outdoor living spaces, thanks to America’s #1 outdoor project builder, there is no need to hire one deck builder and another patio builder. Allow Archadeck to design the deck and patio of your dreams – creating all-in-one, built-in harmony to accommodate your every outdoor living need.

custom outdoor living space

When It Comes To Selecting The Best Builder For The Job, Less Is More

One project manager. One point of contact. One design team. One build team. This singularly sensational combination delivers one spectacular project.

At Archadeck, we have the proven, seasoned experience, knowledge, and resources to build multiple living spaces all at once. We design. We obtain permitting. We are licensed and insured. We guarantee our construction. Not all deck builders can say that!

Obtaining separate quotes from separate contractors for your deck and patio construction will not only create a disjointed building process, but it could also result in a disjointed final result. If one contractor comes in first to build one space, how will the second contractor know if he can properly build the second space without interruption? You simply don’t want to put yourself in this precarious position.

With Archadeck, you won’t, it simply won’t happen.

Do It Once, And Do It Right, As We Also Help With Financing If Needed

With Archadeck leading your combination deck, patio and hardscape outdoor living backyard project, you can be assured of flawless execution, design continuity and thoughtful functionality.

woman and child enjoying new outdoor deck

Should you be hesitant about launching a multi component outdoor oasis, consider this. We can help you with combination project financing if liquid cash right now is the issue.

In addition to being all things to all people in outdoor construction, another service that we offer is financing for your outdoor living project. This will ensure that you can build several spaces at once, rather than going about it in multiple phases. Archadeck offers flexible financing through EnerBank USA.

custom outdoor living space

Just as Archadeck is well known and respected for how it operates to bring our clients’ dreams to fruition, EnerBank is a valuable and trusted lender. They have performed well in helping homeowners just like you in all 50 states to get the financing they need to fulfill their home improvement dreams.

Once you have your outdoor living space combination project price quote and know how much money you need, you can apply for financing right here.

Having A Deck, Patio And Hardscape Combination Built At The Same Time Can Offer Numerous Benefits And Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space Options

The combination of a deck, patio and/or hardscape provides versatility in your backyard outdoor design. You can have different areas for various activities such as dining, lounging, grilling, and entertaining. The deck can be used for seating and dining, while the patio and hardscape can accommodate a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or a separate seating area.

custom outdoor living space

By adding this type of combo space, you effectively extend your living space outdoors. It allows you to utilize your yard more effectively and provides a dedicated area for outdoor activities, giving you additional space to relax, host gatherings, or enjoy family time.

Even better in the spirit of leisure living, decks, patios and hardscapes are relatively low maintenance compared to other outdoor features. While decks may require occasional staining or sealing, patios and hardscapes typically require minimal upkeep beyond regular cleaning. This makes them convenient options for homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor space without extensive maintenance requirements.

A combination of a deck, patio and hardscape can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor area – and your life. Decks often provide an elevated view, while patios and hardscapes offer a solid, ground-level surface. The contrasting textures and materials of both elements can create an attractive and visually appealing space that complements the style of your home.

Enjoy Seamless Transition To Various Levels Of Outdoor Living Luxury

An Archadeck custom design and build plan for a deck, patio and hardscape combination allows for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. By connecting your home's interior with the outdoor area, you can create a natural flow that encourages outdoor living and entertaining. It also enables you to enjoy fresh air and beautiful views while still being close to the comforts of your home. And at the end of the day, you just can’t beat that.

custom outdoor living space

Furthermore, a well-designed deck or porch and patio combination outdoor living area can easily add value to your property. Outdoor living spaces are highly desirable for many homebuyers here throughout Ohio and can significantly enhance the overall appeal and marketability of your home. Moving forward with a deck, patio and hardscape combination can be a worthwhile investment that offers a return both in enjoyment and potential resale value.

custom outdoor living space

Lastly, when it comes to creativity and self-expression, the combination of a deck and patio provides you with the opportunity to get imaginative with your outdoor design. You can choose from various materials, such as wood, composite decking, stone, pavers, or concrete, to achieve the desired look and feel. This flexibility allows you to personalize your outdoor space and create a design that matches your preferences and lifestyle.

Remember, when planning a deck, patio and hardscape combination, you only need to remember one name – Archadeck.

Call us today at 937-563-4847 to arrange for a complimentary design consultation; or click right here to start scheduling it.

roger miller owner of archadeck west central and SW ohio

Roger Miller, owner Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.