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If It Looks Like A Deck, Walks Like A Deck, Lives Like A Deck, But Something Is Very Wrong, Redecking May Be The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Ah, the test of time. Some West Central and Southwest Ohio outdoor living deck spaces show their age and wear more than others.

custom deck with outdoor furniture

Be it the passage of time, neglect of upkeep, exposure to the elements, and/or penetration of moisture and precipitation which is causing warping, rotting, splinters, and mold, a re-deck from the redecking experts at Archadeck will most likely be the end to your deck problems.

Instead Of A Tear Down And Complete Deck Replacement, Re-Decking Takes Your Existing Frame And Replaces Your Old Deck Boards

The scenario here is more like the 16th Century saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” as it is hard to start all over again.

With a re-deck from Archadeck, as long as your deck frame is in good condition, there is no need to start from scratch.

wood planks

A sustainable and cost-friendly outdoor home improvement, redecking will reduce the need for stronger deck support lumber materials and save you a substantial amount of money.

When we visit your home for your complimentary design consultation, our expert artisans will be able to determine if your deck is safe enough to support a new deck floor foundation.

If it is, that’s great news. You can fall in love with your deck all over again.

A Re-Deck With New Materials Is The Perfect Time To Switch From Pressure-Treated Lumber To Low Maintenance Decking Choices

If your current deck is old, chances are that it was originally built with real wood – most likely pressure-treated pine. Pressure treated wood has been around for more than 70 years; the process of treating wood was first invented by Dr. Karl Wolman.

That deck wood has infusions of chemical preservatives deeply imbedded into the wood fibers to help protect it from insects and mold. Although pressure treated wood is highly resistant to mold and mildew, extreme exposure to wetness and humidity may still form a buildup of mold and other grimy debris that is unpleasant to look at and unsanitary.

With redecking from Archadeck, you can always choose new pressure-treated wood again for the re-deck, but the mart money, thinking well into the future – your outdoor living future – is to use low maintenance re-deck materials.

unfinished custom deck

Redecking With TimberTech Composite Materials Means That You Can Kiss Goodbye Those Worries About The Impact Of Deck Aging

Simply put, using the state-of-the-art composite decking materials from outdoor living innovator, TimberTech, is like a never-ending fountain of youth for your refurbished deck.

deck railing

Manufactured to last and withstand the negative effects of aging and nature, TimberTech composite redecking planks are more stain, scratch, and mold resistant, and will have a longer life than wood lumber.

Even better, a re-deck with TimberTech means that your “new” deck will look like new for a very long time, without any strenuous work on your part.

A quick whisk of a broom or rinse with a garden hose, and you’re back to the luxe look that you first enjoyed the day we installed it.

There is no need to ever stain, sand, or paint this redeck material. True, TimberTech re-deck materials usually cost more than lumber, but their long life and low-maintenance requirements make it a tremendous bargain over the long term.

There will be no more laborious hours of seemingly endless wood sanding, staining, and repairing your deck. Instead, you’ll be living the life of redecking leisure on your beautifully restored outdoor deck.

outdoor furniture and fire pit

TimberTech redecking composites are meticulously crafted with recycled plastics and waste wood, which makes them an environmentally friendly, efficient use of resources. “Yay!,” for the environment. Not only will you be improving your quality of life in the great outdoors, but Mother Nature will also be thanking you exponentially.

When it comes to recommending decking to our homeowner customers, it pays to recommend TimberTech. It’s more durable, it lasts longer, and requires less maintenance than wood and has distinct advantages over competitive composite products.

TimberTech’s environmentally friendly, innovative technology has developed a lasting product with the look of wood, including in-demand colors, textures, and safety features that are all backed by industry-leading warranties. It’s time to go against the grain; and redeck with TimberTech decking.

Say Hello To Yet Another Exceptional Low Maintenance Redecking Material, Fiberon

Innovations in outdoor construction technology are a beautiful thing when it giving us redecking materials that are far superior to wood.

Similar to the upkeep and appearance advantages of TimberTech AZEK is another favorite of sustainable redecking material choice, Fiberon.

couple sitting on deck

Fiberon decking is another brand of superior composite decking that is made from a blend of wood fibers and plastic. It is designed to provide the natural look and feel of wood while also offering the durability and low maintenance benefits of composite decking.

It is available in a variety of colors and styles, including traditional wood tones and more modern designs. Fiberon is also resistant to moisture, insects, and rot, making it a popular choice for redecking. It is is also backed by a warranty, which gives homeowners added peace of mind.

One of the unique features of Fiberon decking is its PermaTech surface technology, which helps to protect the decking from stains, scratches, and fading. This technology is designed to provide long-lasting performance and maintain the appearance of the decking over time.

Redecking with both TimberTech AZEK and Fiberon gives you these great long-term benefits:

1. Moisture-resistance. These redecking boards are 100% protected, inside and out, from both water exposure and absorption.

2. Unprecedented durability. Flexible and durable, they deliver long-lasting protection for homeowners’ outdoor living spaces.

3. Rot-resistance. Exterior water cannot do any damage if it can’t penetrate the redeck surface, and such is the case with TimberTech AZEK and Fiberon. You can finally say goodbye to splitting, splintering, and rotting caused by consistent exposure to the elements.

Your Redecking Process Starts Right Now With One Click

For a complimentary re-decking design consultation, and to ensure that a redeck will work on your existing deck frame, click right here. Or you can call us during business hours at 937-563-4847. Either way, we look forward to improving your outdoor living for many years to come.

Roger Miller

Roger Miller, owner Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio.