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3 Tips For Minimizing The Stress Of a Remodeling Project At Your Dayton-Area Home

Remodeling any portion of your home – even outdoors – can be stressful, so we offer these tips to make your outdoor living construction project less stressful for you. Deck builder Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio wants to remind you that while this may be your first home remodeling project, it’s not our first job. You may have a construction crew working at your home only once every 5-10 years, but we do this work at clients’ homes every working day of the year. The situation may be new and unfamiliar to you, but it’s not to us.

If you take these tips to heart, you may find the remodeling process doesn’t have to be stressful after all!


TIP #1 – Let your Archadeck project manager do the job of managing your construction project.

To state it simply, you have your job, and we have ours. Even if you’ve retired, you have a job: being retired! When we are building your Dayton-area deck, screened porch or three-season room, the project will proceed more smoothly if you let us do the job of managing it.

From time to time we work with a homeowner who feels the need to oversee or manage the construction of their outdoor living project. We understand this could be tempting since the work takes place on your property and will undoubtedly affect you. But in our experience – and remember, we have a lot of it – when a homeowner tries to manage the project, it slows down the process.

We realize you’re trying to be helpful – or to head off disaster. You may have concerns to express or questions to ask. On the one hand, we don’t want to keep you in the dark. We don’t purposely hide information from you. On the other hand, there is no need to call your Archadeck office to let us know what the construction crew is doing outside your window. We simply ask that you trust the crew and trust your Archadeck project manager. Our crews are professionals. They don’t need to be babysat.

2 men building deck

TIP #2 – It’s okay for you to ask the crew for an update while they are at your house.

We always want to keep an open line of communication. If construction of your Dayton/Cincinnati project is not proceeding according to schedule, we’ll call to let you know what the problem is. If you want an update, we don’t mind if you ask the crew about that when you see them. Of course, interrupting them too often will slow them down and can be dangerous to the crews and yourself. Please keep that in mind.

Our crews are part of the team working on your project. From the Archadeck owner and project manager to the office staff and the crew, we are a team. We all work toward the same goal: to design and build the outdoor living project of your dreams according to Archadeck’s high-quality construction standards.

Nine times out of ten, our crew can provide the update you are seeking. If you ask them and still don’t feel clear about the answer, then give us a call at the office. But first give the crew an opportunity to answer before you feel compelled to call the office. Finally, if you call our office after hours, please understand if you are asked to leave a message. Have patience and let us get back to you during working hours the next day.

TIP #3 – Trust us,be patient, be kind.

When we’re ready to start on your project, we’ll lay out a timeline of how the job will proceed. Inevitably there are situations beyond our control that may require we adjust the construction timeline.

custom deck

For example, we sometimes encounter delays in materials being delivered. We’ve negotiated prices with several manufacturers, and often the materials selected for the job need to be delivered to your home. The specific items we’ve ordered may not be in stock locally. Hence the need to arrange delivery – and the possibility that delivery might be delayed.

man shoveling snow

Also unpredictable is the weather. Working outdoors, our crews are affected by the weather – especially in the winter in Dayton or Cincinnati, Ohio! A series of rainy days or extremely low temperatures will slow us down, and there’s no getting around that. We do everything within our control to stay on target for the scheduled completion of your outdoor living project.

If the weather is fine, yet the crew is not on site, please don’t be alarmed. This doesn’t mean they aren’t working on your project as scheduled. Crew members may be picking up tools or materials that we need to purchase locally. They may be making a run to the dump so they keep debris from piling up on your property. That’s why we ask that you trust us and be patient.

Ultimately, we all have the same goal. We want you to experience the smoothest construction process possible and receive the highest-quality remodeling project or addition to your home.

Are you are exploring ideas for a deck, screened porch or another outdoor living project at your Dayton or Cincinnati, OH, home? Let Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio design and build you the best outdoor structures imaginable! Contact us today at (937) 563-4847,.