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Wooden Decks Have Many Fans Like These in Washington Township, OH

Today’s total wood deck replacement in Washington Township reminds us that a wood deck is like a new car.


When you buy a new car (or even new-to-you), it looks so perfect you’re inspired to keep it washed – and waxed and polished. You want to keep it looking new. At some point, the newness wears off and you lose enthusiasm. Maintaining the car’s shiny finish becomes more of a chore you tackle less and less frequently.

When your wood deck reaches a certain age, it’s difficult to muster enthusiasm for staining, and sealing the wood. We’re not suggesting that as soon as your deck starts looking gray, you should just build a new one. With proper maintenance, you can probably get some more good years out of it. However, any wood deck is going to reach the end of its useful life after about 15 years, give or take a few. At some point, you will need a new deck.

Archadeck is Your Washington Township Wooden Deck Builder

These Washington Township, OH, homeowners did the right thing by calling deck builder Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio to replace their old deck. Some deck contractors might have tried to talk them into a new deck made of composite or synthetic decking materials. At Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio, while we also build low-maintenance composite decks, we know plenty of homeowners still prefer wood decks. Some always will. We applaud that. If you want a new wood deck, you should have a new wood deck. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Opportunity to Update Your Deck Design

We don’t know of any rule that if you replace an old wood deck with a new wood deck, it has to look exactly the same. Our suggestion, during the design phase of your new deck project, is to repeat the design details you liked in your old deck. You don’t need to give those up. If your deck had features you didn’t care for, though, we can leave those out of your new deck design.

—Old deck before we began the new deck.

Our Washington Township clients liked the size of their original deck. They liked the stair placement. They liked having built-in bench seating on the deck. And they liked that their deck railing had a top rail wide enough to hold a glass or cup. (Sometimes called a drink rail.)


On the other hand, they decided to move the built-in bench seating to the end of the deck closer to the back door. Their guests had not been drawn to sit on the old bench located at the far end of the deck near the stairs. We created a custom bench seating design angled around one corner of the deck. A curved or angled bench is much more conducive to conversation than a bench that has everyone facing forward.

—Look at the deck now!

The homeowners also chose to add railings along the deck stairs, where their prior deck had none. Even though the two-step configuration did not require railings, guests will appreciate something to hold onto there.

Angled Deck Boards Create Visual Interest

If you believe, “if you’ve seen one wood deck design, you’ve seen them all,” then you haven’t worked with Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio. In addition to creating the angled custom bench seating you see here, we also jazzed up the deck surface. The original decking boards all ran in one direction, straight across, from one end to the other. We installed the new pressure-treated pine decking at an angle – or actually, two different angles that meet in the middle in a modified herringbone design. The clients love it, and so do we!

If your aging wood deck is showing wear and tear, and no amount of maintenance could restore it, the time has come to replace the old deck. Call Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio to design and build your next deck – whether you want a new wood deck or low-maintenance composite/synthetic decking.

We can also evaluate your old deck to see if it’s a candidate for redecking. Contact us at (937) 848–7040 or (513) 897–2040.