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New Sunroom Addition Project | Designed & Built in Halifax

sunroom with furniture

With an abundance of sunlight paired with cozy furniture, 4-season sunrooms can provide you with a relaxing and vibrant space all year round. These additions provide more window space to allow for a better connection with natural beauty outside. They connect you with the outdoors without compromising on the comfort of being inside, particularly during the colder months. Below, we’re going to present a client project in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our team designed and built this sunroom addition for them and we hope you’ll get some ideas of how to approach your own sunroom addition projects in Nova Scotia.

The owners requested a sunroom addition to extend the space of their home and add a new gathering space. We made the sunroom an inviting, bright, and sunny space that would allow them to enjoy the beautiful outdoors from the comfort of their home. To maximize natural lighting in the space, we designed cathedral ceilings with large gable end windows as well as multiple skylights. The owners wanted the addition to blend with their existing home's architecture and materials, so we included a low knee-wall to focus on views of the water-way in the North-west Arm.

sunroom with furniture and plant

To maintain a comfortable and cozy space, we also included a recessed propane fireplace. Additionally, to improve the indoor flow between living spaces, we added an insulated french-door as an entrance to the sunroom.

The client wished to minimize framing and maximize the natural lighting in the sunroom - which led to including the skylights as can be seen in the photos.

sunroom with couch

The client wished to have an unobstructed view to the northwest arm and wished to have a cohesion with the existing house materials. This prompted our team to pick the materials that complemented the rest of the home, both internally and externally.

Despite the steep height of the backyard our trained crew delivered the materials safely using the appropriate equipment necessary.

outdoor view of sunroom

To make the most of the diagonal separation of the property with the neighbor, our team placed the fireplace and a wall on the side, so as to maximize the views and glazings on the other sides of the sunroom.

The design also included high-end low-e-Argon skylights and windows resulting in higher energy efficiency, allowing more heat and light to come right through, along with providing health benefits to the homeowners with greater natural light exposure and having more access to the natural elements around - with the added ability to grow plants indoors at ease with the light-rich environment.

dog sitting on chair next to fireplace in sunroom


before sunroom additiondeck before sunroom addition

If your planning to add a sunroom to your Nova Scotia home, its important to consider the following:

  1. Your preferences for colors — brighter interior paints are typically well suited as they reflect the sunlight inside the sunroom. As the weather in this beautiful province of Nova Scotia can wary from long, bright days in the summers, to shorter and sometimes gloomy days in the winter, the sunroom was designed to allow the homeowners to maximize their experiences all around the year. With a fireplace, skylights, and large glazings to enjoy the view in the winters.

  2. The right decor — A sunroom will have an open vibe by nature, so it’s important to pick furniture and decor that is aligned with the openness and enhances it further with careful planning.

  3. Consider a theme — While wood finishes in the decor can further amplify the feeling of being connected with nature, picking a visual theme early on can help you decide the other elements that go inside

  4. Consider the temperature — The majority of sunrooms are composed mostly of glass, which may help bring some heat from the sun throughout the winter. For more heat, consider installing a small heater or a built-in fireplace. However, without some type of temperature control, your sunroom may get excessively hot throughout the summer. Particularly in Nova Scotia, where the warmer months are best experienced with open, well-ventilated indoors. So, including windows for ventilation, tinted, double-paned windows, and curtains to keep heat out in the summer is a great idea for a Nova Scotian home.

Here’s what our client had to say about his Sunroom addition:

We're very pleased with the new sunroom addition that Archadeck of Nova Scotia completed for us. We worked with them during all phases of the project, from design to construction, and we found them to be very accommodating and professional throughout. All of this during a difficult time for the construction industry (COVID), which we knew created a number of issues in terms of materials availability and high number of projects. We look forward to enjoying our sunroom for many years to come and would recommend discussing your upcoming project with Archadeck. — Rob L.

Let us know what you thought about this project.

Planning your own sunroom addition? Download a free guide here or reach out to our team and schedule a conversation with one of our project developers to get this started. You can reach out to us at 902-201-2843 or contact us here.

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