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Deck Lighting

Enjoy your yard longer with Deck Lighting

When you’re planning your new deck, consider adding lighting to the design. Not only does it give cozy ambiance, but it provides safety by illuminating any trip hazards.

Whether the lights are mounted flush with the deck surface, in the stair risers, or along the railings, we put light exactly where you need it, without spoiling the nighttime view from your deck or the neighbors’. We also offer smart options, like timers or remote dimmers to give you complete control.

Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

Some of the most overlooked areas of home renovations are the need for proper outdoor deck lighting. A lot of people don’t seem to understand the need for appropriate placement of their outdoor lights and end up having a blinding floodlight that does an inferior job.

A properly placed deck light will add a beautiful warm glow that is not too overbearing and won’t blind your visitors. When placing your deck lights, you need to make sure that they are bright enough not to cause shadows but not so bright that they cause glare.

Adding a row of lights to light the path going to your deck also adds an inviting feel to your home. By placing outdoor deck lighting along the stairs of your deck not only adds an elegant feature to your deck but keeps your visitors safe when entering.

Some of the most beautiful deck lights you can buy are relatively cheap but will add a nice touch to an already beautiful deck. One of the things I can’t stress enough is to put a lot of thought into buying your outdoor deck lighting because it can either make or break the appearance of your deck.

So, it’s best to leave it for the experts. The designer will work on your thoughts and give a shape of your dream. Nova Scotia Archadeck creates custom deck lighting ideas to match the existing architecture of your home. It’s essential to determine what type of room will best suit your needs, budget & lifestyle, and we’re here to help.

Consider outdoor lighting a vital part of the landscape plan, designed to enhance the appearance of a garden while contributing to the safety and security of the home. So, you must choose your designs very carefully and creatively because your deck lighting is the prior things which give a shade of your interior to everyone. Because whoever walks in through the deck will get a glimpse of an idea what might look like inside.

As you design deck lighting on your own or with a landscape professional, be sure to include the plants in the design. But make sure you plan your illumination to accommodate the trees and shrubs as they mature. Select plants that work with the lighting by providing full foliage or interesting leaf patterns. It isn’t necessary to be a horticulture expert when planning to illuminate a garden area, but input from a professional will go a long way toward enhancing this vital area.

Also, quality exterior lighting is an inexpensive way to add appeal to any landscape. Many homes focus on driveways, walking paths, and steps but don’t give desk lighting the attention it deserves.

We can’t wait to show you what we can do. Give us a call today at (902) 201-2843 to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

Outdoor Lighting for One-of-a-kind Dream Space
Well lit stairs

Multi-level Deck Lighting
Deck Lighting

Private Woodland Outdoor Lighting
Deck Lighting

We can’t wait to show you what we can do. Give us a call today at (902) 201-2843 to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

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