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How to Design Your Spartanburg Porch for Cool-Weather Enjoyment

If you are in search of a porch builder in Spartanburg to help you create cool-weather outdoor sanctuary, trust the porch design experts at Archadeck of Greenville.

Archadeck’s design-build process will help ensure that the porch you dream of is the porch you get. Each of our outdoor living spaces is tailored each client’s specific outdoor living needs. This means that your porch will be unlike any other, inspired from start to finish by your preferred aesthetic, as well as the way you wish to use it. Many of our clients express a desire to spend time on their porchesout of season.’ If you dream of a porch design that can accommodate multi-seasonal use, trust the experts at Archadeck of Greenville to help you achieve it.

Add a fire pit to your Spartanburg porch design.

Including a fire pit in your porch design is a fantastic way to introduce warmth and ambiance into your outdoor living space. A fire pit is great for cool fall mornings and evenings, and can even be used on unseasonably warm winter days. Depending on your design taste, local building codes, and your budget, you can choose between a few types of fire pits. Portable gas-burning fire pits and fire tables are available at more reasonable prices, while more luxurious options, like the stacked stone fire pit shown here, are also available.

How to Design Your Spartanburg Porch for Cool-Weather EnjoymentPorch design with custom rectangular fire pit

Level-up your Spartanburg porch enjoyment with an outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor porch fireplaces are ultimately beautiful and cozy. Including a fireplace on your porch offers warmth and ambiance – much like a fire pit – but there are a couple of additional benefits. Fireplaces can embolden visual interest in any outdoor living space as a floor-to-ceiling focal point. An outdoor fireplace can also second as a privacy wall to create a more intimate space. Outdoor fireplaces are perfect for unseasonably warm days in the winter, as well as mornings and evenings throughout autumn.

How to Design Your Spartanburg Porch for Cool-Weather EnjoymentAdd an outdoor fireplace to your Spartanburg porch design

Reach peak cold-weather comfort with a fireplace and porch heaters.

Greenville-Spartanburg residents can easily enjoy their porches on cold days with an outdoor fireplace and an additional porch heat source. This can be achieved in a couple of ways. Portable propane heaters have been widely popular for warming up outdoor living spaces for quite a few years. These heaters, along with an outdoor fireplace, allow homeowners the most use of their porches on cool or even cold-weather days.

How to Design Your Spartanburg Porch for Cool-Weather EnjoymentA fireplace and heater offer ultimate usability in cooler months

Today, folks are even going a step further with installed radiant heat sources inside their porches. The upside to installed radiant heat is that the units are mounted high on the porch framing or on the ceiling, which frees up floor space that would otherwise be taken up by portable heaters. Additionally, they run quietly in contrast to some portable heating units.

How to Design Your Spartanburg Porch for Cool-Weather EnjoymentFree up floor space on your porch with installed radiant heating units

If you are looking for a custom porch builder in Spartanburg, Archadeck of Greenville is eager to speak with you. Get in touch with us by calling (864) 301-9966.