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Luxury Outdoor Living Begins with Outdoor Fire Features in Simpsonville, SC

There are certainly many ways you can customize your Archadeck of Greenville outdoor living design. From shape and size to the many materials choices available, your porch, deck, or patio will be uniquely yours – no other space will be like it! One of the most popular upgrades our clients choose for their new space is an outdoor fire feature.Custom firepit

Archadeck can design an outdoor fire feature into your Simpsonville SC project

Are outdoor fire features in Simpsonville SC worth the additional investment?

If an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will extend use of your new outdoor living space, then we believe fire features to be worthy investments. The same goes for other upgrades, as well. The Archadeck of Greenville design team will never try to upsell you on an outdoor fire feature or any other type of upgrade. What we will do, is explain how a particular product or design element might improve the way you use your deck, porch, or patio. For instance, a deck built with premium composite decking can be a wise choice if you prefer not to pay to have your wooden deck maintained, or if you do not wish to maintain it yourself. An outdoor fire feature will be beautiful, for sure – but the ultimate goal for our design team is to provide you with a space you will give you the most and best use of your backyard. Adding a fireplace or fire pit will afford you comfort on cool days, provide ambient light for evening and nighttime use, and be beautiful to boot!Fire pit outdoors

Choose between wood and gas-burning outdoor fire features for your space.

Should you choose gas or wood burning for your fire feature?

There are a few guidelines that will dictate the type of outdoor fire feature is better for your Simpsonville SC home. The first of these being whether building code dictates that gas and/or wood is the approved choice for your particular space. Next to that, you must consider whether you have natural gas available to install a gas-burning fire feature. If not, can you get public utilities hook-up, or will a standalone propane tank be required? If your porch, deck, or patio is approved for a wood-burning fireplace or fire pit, you must consider whether you wish to take on the added responsibility of burning wood outside your home. This would mean that you need to control embers, see that the fire is out before going indoors, and clean up ash and firewood debris.

In summary, a gas fire feature is lower maintenance and turns easily on and off but will be costlier to install upfront. A wood-burning fire pit or fireplace requires more work, but for some, it’s difficult to beat a crackling, wood-burning fire. Archadeck of Greenville can help you make the better choice for your needs during your outdoor living design consultation!

If you are looking for an outdoor fireplace and fire pit builder in Simpsonville SC, Archadeck of Greenville is ready to speak with you. Get in touch with us by calling (864) 301-9966.