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Why You Need a Trusted Greenville Porch Builder to Build Your Dream Screened-in Porch

There’s nothing quite like summer in the south: sweet tea, porchlights, and good food surrounded by your closest friends and family. But pesky insects can interfere with your good time on your porch, especially once the sun goes down. Mosquitos, in particular, can interfere with your desire to spend time outdoors, as every Greenville homeowner knows all too well.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to dousing yourself in bug spray and lighting citronella candles all summer long. Screened-in porches can make all the difference, helping you level up your outdoor entertaining game and making you the most popular host in the neighborhood.

Greenville screened in porch

Greenville’s Dedicated Porch Builder Designs & Builds Aesthetically Pleasing Screened-In Porches that Keep the Bugs Out!

Archadeck of Greenville is Greenville’s dedicated porch builder. Although screened-in porches are far from the only style of porch we build for our clientele, they remain a perennial favorite for those in the Greenville area due to their practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Classic and traditional, screened-in porches serve the very important function of keeping mosquitoes and other insects out—but they also look quintessentially southern and can boost the value of your home. If you have any plans to sell in the future, a custom screened-in porch is a worthwhile investment.

wooden porch

Archadeck of Greenville: Greenville’s Most Trusted Porch Builder

It is our sincere belief that contractors should understand the regional culture, including the flora and fauna surrounding the homes they work on. At Archadeck of Greenville, we are a local, family-owned and operated business that has been building custom porches in South Carolina for more than 15 years. Bringing three generations of outdoor building expertise to the table, we have the experience and expertise to make your dreamed screened-in porch a reality.

We’ve put down roots here and understand that many of our clients have too. When you sign a contract with us, you’ll be assigned a design consultant to create a swoon-worthy outdoor living space, designed precisely to match your specific vision.

simpsonville screened in porch

If you’d like to learn more about building a screened-in porch in Greenville, call Archadeck — Greenville’s most-trusted porch builder – today to schedule your complimentary design consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your porch vision to life!