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Greenville’s Premier Deck Builder Designs & Builds Beautiful Decks for Springtime Fun & Relaxation

The warm weather is here, and you’re ready to spend some quality time with your family outdoors. After all, springtime is glorious in Greenville, and you want to take full advantage of the season.

Your landscape is beautiful, but it’s missing an outdoor living space where your family can gather. What you need is a custom deck where everyone can relax and have some fun!

Backyard deck with railing

But you’re not looking for an ordinary deck. You want to create the ultimate outdoor space for your family to enjoy for years to come – a deck that is customized to your liking. You’re hoping to achieve a specific look, with an aesthetic that is visually stunning and personalized to your taste. It’s also important that your deck is functional and embraces the types of activities that your family enjoys the most.

Greenville’s Leading Deck Builder Creates the Perfect Deck for You & Your Family

Archadeck of Greenville designs and builds one-of-a-kind decks that are customized to your exact specifications and lifestyle. Our design consultants work closely with you to understand your aesthetic preferences and outdoor living goals. By grasping your the way you want to live outdoors, Archadeck can help you build the deck of your dreams.

Custom backyard deck with seating area

Building a custom deck is the perfect combination of artistry and planning. When you choose Archadeck, we guide you through the design process, steering you in the right direction and making suggestions along the way. Below, we’ve listed some key design options for you to consider when building a custom deck.

  • Determine the size and shape of your deck.

When determining the size and shape of your deck, it’s important to estimate the number of people you envision using your deck regularly. You should also evaluate the space to accommodate for comfortable seating and the design features you desire.

  • Optimize for traffic flow.

The placement of the stairs is key when it comes to optimizing for traffic flow. You want people to be able to move easily across the deck without bumping in your grill or weaving in and out of the furniture.

Custom deck with swing

  • Consider the Views.

Part of being outside is appreciating your landscape. You’ll want to consider the view from your deck and inside your house. If you don’t want a rail to block your view, you can design the deck to step downward and integrate the rail below your line of vision. Or, you could consider thin balusters or glass panels for your choice of rail.

  • Align the style of your deck with the architecture of your home.

At Archadeck, we want your deck to align with the style of your home and grade of your land. This way, your deck looks like it was part of the original construction, versus an afterthought. Our design professionals will walk you through the deck materials and design options are best suited for your style of home.

  • Select the right decking materials.

Archadeck offers composite and natural wood decking options. Our composite decking is low maintenance and provides great flexibility in design. While we provide many composite and PVC options, we love building with TimberTech AZEK. If you prefer the look of a natural wood deck, we build with cedar and pressure-treated pine as well as exotic hardwoods, such as IPE. Natural wood decks do require a stain and sealant each year to maintain their beautiful appearance.

Custom multi-level deck with floating bench

  • Determine Areas for Cooking & Dining

Do you love cooking outdoors or dining al fresco? If so, Archadeck can build an outdoor kitchen in unison with your deck and design the perfect area for outdoor dining.

  • Consider the Design Features that Suit Your Lifestyle

At Archadeck, our options for design features are virtually endless. Does your deck vision include a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, planters, privacy walls, benches, or more? What about shade options such as a patio cover or pergola? If you can dream it, Archadeck can build it for you.

If you’re interested in building a beautiful deck for your family to enjoy for years to come, call Archadeck, Greenville’s most-trusted deck builder, at (864) 301-9966 to schedule your complimentary design consultation (virtual consultations are available). We look forward to helping you bring your deck vision to life!