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4 ways Dayton and Cincinnati homeowners can save money by getting off the fence to build outdoor living projects now

Deck and pergola combination

At Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio, we know that most homeowners are looking for ways to save money when it comes to home improvement projects. But what do we mean by “getting off the fence”? Does this apply to you?

If you have tentative plans to add any kind of outdoor living space to your home, but have not yet decided when to move ahead with the project, then you are on the fence. So many factors play into this decision that it may seem daunting. Indecision leads to delay. You may table the question entirely and then, come spring, wish that you had taken action sooner!

Ah, spring. The sun is a little warmer, and the sweet, fresh air invites you to enjoy the outdoors again. If you call Archadeck in the fall or winter to schedule your outdoor living project, then you can enjoy your new deck, patio, porch or 3-season room earlier in the spring.

To help you down off of that fence, we offer 4 ways you can save money by building now instead of waiting for spring.

1. Lower prices for materials

In the building industry, price increases are typical after the first of the year. It’s safe to say that the cost of these items will increase early in 2018:

  • Decking materials
  • Patio paving stones
  • Porch and deck canopies
  • Screened porch roofing
  • Stacked stone for the outdoor fireplace
  • Appliances for that new outdoor kitchen

This season’s hurricanes, the uncertain political climate and the supply and demand for building materials are all factors that can cause prices to go up.

Composite Deck

The price of composite decking materials is especially vulnerable because these materials are directly related to fuel prices. Even during the recession, composite decking prices increased. If you’ve got your eye on the newer, low-maintenance composite decking materials, you have the most to gain by moving ahead with your outdoor living project now. Waiting until the first of the year to proceed will cost you.

If you sign a contract for a construction project with us prior to year-end, we guarantee that you’ll only pay 2017 prices for the materials to build your outdoor living project. Way to save!

2. Lower interest rates

If you plan to finance your outdoor living project, you will be wise to lock in at today’s rates rather than take your chances and face a rate increase. While we do not have a crystal ball to predict interest rates 4-6 months from now, we all know that rates will not drop. Given the current low rates and the fact that the Fed keeps hinting at raising rates, they will only go up (or remain unchanged). To wait is to gamble; locking in a low rate now is the prudent decision.

Deck and pergola combination

3. Lower prices for outdoor furniture ensembles and décor

Have you seen the merchandise changing in the stores, now that fall is creeping in? Retailers will be looking to clear out the 2017 lines of outdoor and patio furniture so they can make room for 2018 merchandise. The time of year for finding deep discounts on outdoor furniture and décor is coming up quickly. If you wait until after the first of the year to order or purchase new patio furniture, you will pay more. And here’s an interesting way to look at it: with end-of-season discounts, your money will go further, so you can consider purchasing higher quality furniture.

4. Less damage to your landscaping

Hands making a heart

When your home becomes a construction site, even for a short time, you will run the risk of some damage to your lawn and shrubs. The potential damage is greater in the spring and summer — and less during the fall and winter. Why? Wet turf is damaged more easily, as is turf that’s under stress from high temperatures and higher humidity. We know that perennial grasses, most shrubs and plants are in their dormant stages during fall and winter. When dormant, these grasses and plants are less likely to experience permanent damage from being trimmed or pruned. Overall, if you wait and build your outdoor living space in the spring or summer, you’ll be more likely to incur extra landscaping costs resulting from the building project.

White Pergola

Don’t just save money — save time, too!

While we have focused on saving money by starting to plan and build your outdoor living project now, we can save you time as well. By scheduling your project before the end of the year, you will probably be able to enjoy the finished project sooner. The whole process, from start to finish, will be faster.

  • Quality builders, like Archadeck, have longer wait times during spring and summer because that’s when so many people want their project built. If they had put their projects into motion sooner — say, back during the fall or winter (like now!) — they would be ready by spring.
  • It might be surprising to learn that our wait times for a fall/winter building project can be half as long as during the spring and summer. We build throughout the entire year. For us, this is not a seasonal business. If you are the client who chooses to build when it’s not our busiest season, your project will be completed in less time.
  • Securing the necessary building permits can contribute to construction delays during the busiest times, too. Will you need to obtain your HOA approval before proceeding? If your project is one of many that the HOA is reviewing at the same time, you may be part of their backlog during the busiest time for building.

House with a deck

  • Finally, if you are building with wood, you need to factor in a period of time for new wood to acclimate. You can’t stain or paint it right away. Building now means the wood can cure and then be painted and stained before you host that early spring barbeque on your new deck.

Bottom line, the sooner you call Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio to begin designing and building the outdoor living project of your dreams — and by this we mean any project, large or small — the sooner it will be completed and you can begin to enjoy it. Get out on that deck or patio on time to enjoy this spring!

If you want to save money and time by moving ahead now with your outdoor living project, contact Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio today at (937) 563-4847, or via email at

Tim Stephens of Archadeck

Roger Miller, owner Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio