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Archadeck Outdoor Living Spaces – Frequently Asked Questions

The skilled team at Archadeck of Richmond has the skills, knowledge, and experience to professionally design, build, or remodel your residential deck. We work to ensure that you understand the basics of deck construction to help you choose an aesthetically-pleasing and sound deck design that is up to code. Please review the following FAQs to better understand some of these requirements.

Q: Do I need a permit to add a deck to my home?

A: Yes, your contractor usually needs to submit a permit and plan. Archadeck of Richmond is well-versed in all local codes and regulations. Let us draw up and submit all the necessary legalities for your home-improvement project.

Q: Does my deck need guard rails?

A: It depends. The International Residential Code (IRC) requires guardrails for decks greater than 30 inches above grade for safety. For aesthetics, you may install rails on decks lower than 30 inches above grade as long as they comply with code requirements. These rails must measure at least 36 inches in height from the deck surface. These are all choices we can make with you while designing your new deck.

Q: If I want to improve or remodel my existing deck, do I need to first bring my original deck structure into compliance?

A: A deck improvement usually consists of replacing the guard and/or decking, which will generally not require additional code compliance on the rest of the existing structure prior to construction. However, we’ll inspect your existing deck for issues like rot, splitting, sagging beams and joists, missing flashing, and excessive rusting of your fasteners and joist hangers before we start remodeling to make sure your existing deck is sound. The results of this inspection will determine the extent of work required to repair or replace your existing deck.

Q: What is flashing?

A: This waterproof material protects your home’s framing and siding from long-term water damage. It is installed between your house and the deck’s framing and ledger board. It is typically layered with other building materials and is a good investment to protect your home.

Q: What is a ledger board?

A: This attaches your deck to your house. It operates as the base of your deck and bears approximately half its weight. The posts bear the rest of the weight.

Q: How can I ensure quality work on a deck home improvement project?

A: Look for services from an experienced contractor with a history of proven work. Look for a local business with trained, certified, and licensed professionals in all areas of construction work.

Please contact Archadeck of Richmond with any additional questions or concerns. You can also download our free design guide to get started planning your perfect outdoor space.

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