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How can two building quotes be so different?

Often, our clients seek multiple quotes for their upcoming porch or deck project. If you have two quotes for the same project that are vastly different in price, you will likely question the disparity.

How can the difference between two bids for the same project be so great? To answer simply, if you see an enormous difference in price, your quotes are not for like projects. Even if the size and footprint of your porch or deck are the same on both bids, there are many pricing variables that weigh into the final quote. Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad is here to help you sort out how and why your building quotes are not the same.

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What types of materials and finishes are being quoted?

Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad’s design-build process is in place for our clients’ protection. This process eliminates as much risk to our clients as possible during their construction project. During your custom design consultation, your Design Consultant will explain your choices in building materials and luxury upgrades for your outdoor living space. For a deck, this might be upgrading your pressure-treated wood deck design to a low-maintenance design. For an open or screened porch design, this could mean choosing an upgraded ceiling finish or adding an outdoor fireplace. Does your competing bid list those same materials and upgrades?

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We’ll help you avoid sticker shock.

Because Archadeck of The Piedmont Triad’s outdoor living designs are completely custom, each decision you make for your project will affect cost. You choose the project type. You choose the shape and size. You choose each finish, ranging from standard to premium. We could liken this process to car buying. When you are shopping for a new car, you will pay for each upgraded amenity included in the model you choose to purchase. Just like every Honda Accord is not the same price, every deck or porch building quote will be different if each does not specify the same upgrades. Your Archadeck Design Consultant will guide you through the choices that will fulfill your needs while remaining on-budget. When you receive your quote, it will have a complete product specification list, so you know what you will be paying for.

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Does the lower building quote include permitting costs? Is that company insured?

Those unfamiliar with the Archadeck process do not know that our quotes include structural drawings and permits. We will pull all necessary permits on your behalf. During your building project, we will also schedule all construction inspections and ensure they are passed. This full-service solution is not offered by most porch and deck builders. Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad carries General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance. Additionally, our subcontractors all carry their own General Liability and Workers’ Compensation policies and all tradesmen regulated by the state carry valid and current licenses. Most of our clients are unaware that their North Carolina homeowners insurance policies likely exclude coverage for contractors working on their homes. If you hire an uninsured contractor, and someone sustains and injury, you can be held personally liable. This is another way Archadeck works to eliminate risk from your building project.

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Do you know if you are being quoted current market pricing?

The cost of building materials fluctuates. Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad obtains updated pricing as frequently as every week. Does the competing bid reflect current market prices? If you have a quote that does price the same materials, but it is still vastly different from Archadeck’s pricing, it could mean that the builder has under-quoted building materials. What happens when that company must pay more for materials to build your project? Will they attempt to charge more money later to cover their costs? Archadeck’s fixed-price contracts will not vary based on fluctuations of labor and material prices.

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Archadeck of the Piedmont Triad has been a local outdoor living builder since 1991. We understand that potential clients want the best price for their project, as well as a trustworthy, reputable builder. With exemplary service and total price transparency, we stand ready to earn your trust.

If you are looking for a custom outdoor builder in the Greensboro, Winston Salem, and High Point areas, we want to be your first choice. Get in touch with our award-winning Design Consultants for a design consultation by calling (336) 568-8230.