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Small Composite Deck With Glass Rail, Halifax

Sometimes bigger isn’t better. Regardless of the size of your project, Archadeck of Nova Scotia is here to help you achieve your goals every step on the way.
When this Halifax family came to us to freshen up their side deck we were more than thrilled to take on the project.
Living on the East Coast of Canada, we tend to experience a lot of drastic changes in temperature and (sometimes) temperamental weather which can really take a toll on exterior materials. With our client’s home being across the street from the Atlantic Ocean, choosing a durable composite product was a smart decision.

Outdoor patio with stairs

Maintaining a clear view of the water while sitting on the deck was a very important aspect to the home owners. The addition of a white composite railing with clear glass achieved this goal and also aided in keeping the transition from the driveway and yard to the deck and house seamless.
Keeping in mind the style of our client’s home, we recommended the use of composite as the finished appearance is designed after that of a wood deck with a solid stain applied to it. We were then able to update the deck with a durable product without the presence being too modern in comparison to the architectural characteristics of the house, such as the gambrel roof.

Outdoor patio deck with stairs and rails

In the above photo, you can see a close up of the white composite railing. Because this is a man-made product, it has been engineered for an easier installation than other traditional methods. Due to the grade of the land at our client’s home, we were not required to install a handrail on the stairs; this look gives the deck an overall more casual feeling as the stairs appear to spill onto the lawn and are very inviting.