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For this family just outside of Halifax, it made sense to have a multi-level deck to enjoy the surrounding forest from different heights. They were looking for easy access to the backyard, storage and spaces for cooking, dining, entertaining and relaxing.

Outdoor patio deck with stairs

Pressure-treated wood was used to blend into the background and provide a natural look. Glass railings around the upper level give uninterrupted views of the backyard. By enclosing the area under the top deck, we were able to give them plenty of hidden storage for their outdoor equipment.

Outdoor patio deck with kitchen

Grilling was a big part of this family’s outdoor time so a built-in kitchen was incorporated into the design. The stone veneer surrounds the cooking area and a beautiful sandstone counter top gives the chef plenty of prep space. The natural colours work with the wood of the deck and the landscape below. A built-in planter was placed next to the grill to grow fresh herbs.

Outdoor patio deck with stairs

Built-in benches were installed along the lower deck providing plenty of seating around the raised fire pit. They also act as a low safety railing around the perimeter.