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Screen Room, Halifax

At Archadeck of Nova Scotia, we love outdoor spaces – A LOT! We are kind of addicted to maximizing the enjoyment our customers can get from their backyards and outdoor escapes.

One of our favourite ways to add tonnes of fun to your backyard is with a Screen Room. The benefits of a Screen Room are almost endless! But for now, we’ll just tell you about 4 key factors you should take into consideration:

Screened Room Porch on home in Halifax

In Halifax (let’s face it, in most of Canada), enjoying the sunshine all day is a dream come true after a cold winter. Then, the bugs come out. You can surround yourself in a cloud of repellent, go inside or wear a bug net. We prefer another option; Screen Rooms!

Design Tip: If your Screen Room will be open to the elements from below, Archadeck will include screening the underside of your deck in the scope of work – this will ensure insects can’t find a way in!

white screened porch on home in Halifax

The ventilation is like no other. Well, okay. It’s second only to the great outdoors, but just imagine yourself sitting in your new custom designed Screen Room, sipping on your favourite beverage listening to the birds chirping and the bees buzzing when a nice warm breeze blows through. We know, it’s magical, isn’t it?

View from inside screened room porch in Halifax

Screen Rooms are also very safe for children (and/or pets). The built-in railing in the Screen Room shown above means that little Madeline and her puppy can play all afternoon without you needing to worry about a thing. You won’t ever again have to say “go outside and play! It’s beautiful out!”…they will already be there!

door to outside on screened porch in Halifax

Your new Screen Room will act like a giant umbrella, protecting you and your family dry on rainy days. We just advise you to go inside during hurricanes and sideways rain, even though you really won’t want to.

If you want to know more about Screen Rooms and the design possibilities for your home, give us a call! We are ready to help you have the backyard of your dreams.