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Should You Use Composite or Wood for Your Halifax Deck?

Should You Use Composite or Wood for Your Halifax Deck?
Building a new deck is an exciting process, but before you even get started, there are a lot of decisions to be made. One of the most important decisions you must make is what type of material you want to use. Most deck builders use either wood, composite, or PVC decking. What’s the best option to last year-round in Nova Scotia?
Let’s dig in and find out.

Custom multi-level lakeside deck with stairs and dock

Wood Decking in Nova Scotia: Pros and Cons
Using wood as the main decking material is a popular choice. But even within this single category, there is a wide variation depending on what type you use. The most cost effective option is likely pressure treated, but you can also choose cedar, ipe, or bamboo. Just make sure your supplier is using sustainably (and legally) sourced materials.
Wood decks are perfect for areas with hot temperatures throughout the summer. But in places like Halifax that are prone to lots of moisture, they can split and weather over time. Still, they are relatively low-maintenance, durable, and individual pieces are easy to replace if needed in future years.

Composite Decking in Nova Scotia: Pros and Cons
What exactly is composite decking? In short, it’s a mixture of wood fibers and plastic. It’s extremely popular for two reasons. First, it’s extremely low maintenance and typically just needs a single power washing each year. Second, you don’t have to worry about rotting or staining. That means your composite deck will live through the wear and tear of Nova Scotia’s weather and outdoor parties with your friends!
It can be more expensive than some wood products, but the price comparison really depends on the type of wood you may be considering. Composite decking’s moisture resistance is a huge pro in terms of longevity.

Custom deck with stone fire pit

Cellular PVC Decking in Nova Scotia: Pros and Cons
When looking at PVC decking, you can find materials that are either new or recycled. Like composite, it’s a very hardy material that won’t splinter or warp in damp weather. It is warranted against splitting and fading.
The very best PVC decking can add up quickly in terms of cost, but there are a variety of quality products to choose from.
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