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3 Reasons Why We Love A 3-Season Porch

3 Reasons Why We Love A 3-Season Porch
No matter what view you enjoy from your Halifax home, one of the best ways to enjoy it is from a three-season porch. There’s no better place to catch a spring breeze, gaze at a summer sunset, or marvel at a foggy fall morning.

And if those reasons weren’t enough, we’ve got a few more for you. Here are our three top reasons why a three-season porch is one of our favorite outdoor features for any home.

Cozy custom sunroom

It’s the Perfect Blend of Indoors and Out
A three-season porch pairs the best of the indoors with the best of the outdoors. For starters, you can lounge on comfortable furniture while avoiding mosquitoes and other bugs. On the flip side, you can feel the cool air on your skin while looking at your view completely obstruction-free. You can even include a woodstove to stay out when the weather becomes brisk.
If you’re the outdoorsy type who still enjoys the creature comforts of home, a three-season porch is right for you.

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It’s Affordable and Easy to Create
Compared to many other potential home renovation projects, a three-season porch is affordable and hassle-free. The main reason is because you typically don’t need to heat and insulate the space.
Imagine a sunny space to get away. That alone sounds like a dream come true, don’t you think? On top of that, the end product is a space you’ll love and can use year-round.

Sunroom and patio with hot tub deck

It Creates Inherent Value
It’s impossible to say whether or not you’ll recoup every dollar that you spend on your three-season porch. But in a competitive real estate market, it will certainly make your home stand out from others. That alone adds value to your home.

Cozy custom sunroom

Of course, with such a beautiful oasis at the foot of your door, who’s even thinking about selling anymore?

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