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How to create the perfect sunroom

How to Create the Perfect Sunroom
A sunroom is a delight in any home. After all, there’s something a little magical about getting a breath of fresh air while still enjoying the comforts of being indoors.
Plus, you can affordably add square footage that can largely be used for most of the year.
Thinking about a sunroom in Halifax? Check out these tips on how to make it feel like home.

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Create a Multifunctional Space
Sunrooms are unique in that they don’t all serve the same purpose in each home. To truly maximize this space, make sure it’s flexible so you can use it whenever you feel like it. This means incorporating elements for everyday living such as relaxing and reading, enjoying a meal, or creating a functional work space to get inspired in a nice atmosphere.

Make it Comfortable
Just because your sunroom is exposed to the elements of Nova Scotia, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel cozy. Don’t be afraid to use good furniture and lay out rugs. Also, decorate just as you would any other room. At the end of the day, your sunroom should feel like a natural extension of your existing living space.

Custom sunroom with entertainment area

Consider Shading
Think about the position of your sunroom and how the sun itself moves throughout the day. You may need curtains or shades to break up the glare. A ceiling fan is also a smart idea to keep the air moving when the sun is particularly hot.
Cozy custom sunroom

Bring in the Outdoors
While the sunroom is certainly a part of the house, it’s also the perfect place to add a little whimsy. Bringing in plants is the perfect way to do this while simultaneously bridging the gap between inside and out.
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