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Happy Hot Tubbing!

Custom patio with hot tub deck

New Hot Tub? Need A Little Privacy?

No matter the weather, people still crave time outdoors and being connected to nature. Getting out in the winter can be a challenge for some, but slipping into a hot tub on a snowy evening in January can make it sound a little easier.

In the Maritimes, hot tubs are great even on mild summer nights, but there’s no doubt they’re especially wonderful in winter. A lot of cultures around the world still use hot tubs and steam rooms for their natural health benefits. They can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce arthritic and chronic pain
  • Lower blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Relax muscles, relieve headaches, and help you sleep

Aside from their health benefits, they can give you an exciting new place to entertain family and friends while adding value to your home.

If you’re creating a whole new backyard living space, it will be easy to incorporate a hot tub into the new plan. However, if you’re adding to an established deck or patio, you’ll want to consider its placement carefully. It should be both functional and beautiful, so planning ahead is the key to getting a space you’ll love for years to come. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How will you be using the space? Will you be throwing parties, spending time with family or simply relaxing with your partner?
  • How many people would typically use it at one time? How much space would you need to comfortably accommodate them.
  • What makes sense on your property layout and with your budget? Is there a flat section of your yard or a more private area? What can you afford to invest in this project?
  • What design elements would you like to include in the area? Are there certain features on your home that could be mimicked like stone or brick work or distinct rooflines?
  • Will your existing structure support the weight of the tub filled with water or are you building new? A fully loaded hot tub can weigh more then 4,000 pounds!

Custom hot tub deck with privacy screen

Here are some more items to consider before jumping in:

Easy Access & Finding the Perfect Spot

You probably don’t want to run through snow up to your knees in your bathing suite! Being close to a door makes the transition from cool night air to steamy hot tub much more enjoyable. A well maintained path or covered walkway can make the trek easier.

Portable tubs can be placed in the ground, built into a deck or remain above ground. Either way, the ground will need to be properly prepared, leveled and compacted to make sure it doesn’t shift. If placed on a deck surface, make sure there is enough support to hold the weight.

Privacy & Protection From the Elements

Trees, shrubbery and other landscaping all play a role in creating a private backyard, but a permanent structure provides stability and coverage in all seasons. You don’t want to feel barricaded in but you also don’t want to feel exposed to your neighbours or the elements.
Take a look at your yard to see where you might need extra privacy or protection (from wind or sun) and try to only add full walls where needed. There are plenty of options for enclosures and materials:

  • Pergola
  • Open gazeebo
  • Enclosed 3 season room or screened porch
  • Full walls or half walls
  • Lattice or full fencing
  • Wood or composite materials
  • Curtains from weather-resistant fabric

Hot tub deck with privacy screens
Hot tub deck enclosures

Extras to Consider When Setting Up

  • Built-in stairs for easy and safe access to the tub
  • Built-in benches or seating for those who want to take a break from the heat
  • Lighting for safety and ambiance or windows for natural light during the day
  • Hooks for towels and clothing
  • Changing area, privacy screen or curtains
  • Outdoor shower area for rinsing
  • Half-wall built-in bar tables for resetting your snacks and refreshments
  • Fire place or other heating source
  • Access to the hot tub mechanics and storage for tools

Hot tub deck with shower and bar counter
Custom hot tub with privacy walls and outdoor fireplace

Here’s a link to the Jacuzzi blog page, which can help answer any more hot tub related questions you might have.