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How to Stay Safe With Your Halifax Fire Pit This Summer.

It’s that time of year, the weather is getting better, and it’s a great season to enjoy evenings with the family, or friends entertaining around a fire pit. Here are some tips to stay safe this summer when enjoying a fire pit in your Halifax backyard:

Custom deck and patio with fire pit

Think about the placement, and location of the fire pit.

Any fire element, especially a woodburning, open fire pit should not be placed anywhere near a combustible building, overhanging trees, or structure. Contact Halifax Regional Municipality if you have questions regarding their rules.

If you’re thinking about a fire pit on your deck surface, a propane fire table, or fire pit is probably your best option. A wood-burning fire pit would be OK on a stone, or brick patio.

Corner Fireplace Halifax Deck Builder

Be conscious of what you are burning

Many municipalities don’t allow yard debris to be burned, because it can become a safety hazard.

Don’t leave any fire unattended.

Family time on open porch

This is a good rule for a propane fire, or a fire of any type. Also have a plan to extinguish a fire if needed, dirt, sand or water can be used to safely extinguish a fire.
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